I think the answer to problem 9 may be incorrect but question whether I am simply doing the maths wrong as it seems unlikely McKinsey would make an error or their exam. John works 45 hours per week for a consulting firm. Candidate-led usual style Topics: I’ll try it now. Mentos is a famous chewing-gum brand.

PrepLounge provides several examples to prepare you for brainteaser types of questions. Here is a high-level approach: Go to My Error Log Learn more. Make sure that you are looking at the right axis, e. Aximili85 Senior Manager Joined: They have created a highly-structured cross-referenced database of case questions and answers. July 23,

Sign In Join now. In the process of solving any Market-sizing and Guesstimate questions, you use assumptions. It is from and much easier than the newer version, but still useful to check out. Assume that each floor is 5 meters high, how long in seconds does it take to go from the ground floor to the th floor? May 27, Thank you for using the timer – this advanced tool can estimate your performance and suggest more practice questions.

You may practice calculating out loud as if you are presenting your calculation to interviewers. Thanks Hello, you can find another practice test from McKinsey on their website. Execute the teaching in all practices you do.


He found one with 4 layers. Divide your practice into small hurdles, 5 or 10 questions each.

Typical Question Types in Written Tests

I am flexible with respect to time. Estimate the average annual health insurance premiums generated for all commercial health insurance companies in India, for this was tough and i dont think the interviewer, who subsequently became my boss, like my answer. Its much more like being an attorney; an attorney in a small firm can have a very large case. Outsourcing, Music Teaching, and System Builder.

Only allow yourself 30 — 45 seconds per question start with 45 then gradually moving down to In the first quarter ofthey received cases, half of which onlime only an hour, one fifth of the remaining required more than one hour and the rest required to be taken away. The product consultants produce is ideas, advice and suggestions. You can try on My Consulting Coach, tewt have a free test and in general they are quite good value for money. Similar to the above, no onlibe to kill yourselves by coming up with difficult numbers.

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Similar to the above, the habit of sanity check every number will score points for you. We have subscribed you to Daily Prep Questions via email.


They charge 14, RUB for every m3 of gas. By how many percent has the original price been increased?

Assume that it supplies just enough gasoline to break-even, what is the fixed cost of this gas station? In order to attack these types of questions: To make matter worse, I am the only one who takes the oslving at that moment.

InAustralia exportedtons of wool, which were worth 3. What was the gas price on that day?

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Log in now Keep me logged in. What do former clients have to say? Posted from my mobile device. May 31 Choosing an admissions consultant?

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

Focusing on The Core: Depending on your purpose of using this package for Case Interview Prep or for Entrance Test Prepthe appropriate methods for using this package prkblem different. I am an international user of the Wells Fargo debit card an US domestic bank.

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