Also stated that I could earn some extra cash on the side. My boyfriend of 4 years a couple of weeks prior to yesterday said an old friend of ours called him and they haven’t talked in awhile and said that there was a guy he wanted him to meet and our old friend thought that they would really “hit it off” and that there was a job opportunity in it for him. Related Questions Realistically, how much does an Amway Diamond make? Were both Business Majors and have entrepreneurial minds and I myself come from an entrepreneurial family where over half of them own their own companies. Amway is not a scam however the way some ppl try to make others fool on name of it. If you are an expert in judging all these success principles , then comeup with new system and biz which you think easy earning and write blogs to help others in that.

Like other “network marketing” business, ventures, etc. I feel like I lost 2 hours of my life watching a cult session live. The BWW system teaches you how to improve your business. I started reading some discussions on some online forums and discovered a lot of the scam that I suspected as an IBO, but had forgotten about. The money comes from the profit for selling the products and the bonus when you make the targeted points.

It’s good that BWW gives to charity. Now I know they are a scam. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are not a business owner by any means doing this.

I’m an Entrepreneur and I’ve got my schedule Did you realize the values you see in BWW, amwy they in Corporate career?. This just reconfirm our initial plan of Like other “network marketing” business, ventures, etc. Recently met a lady last night at Target who had the same exact approach and said all the same things which they obviously have been saying since I was about to waste llan few hours tomorrow.


Actually buddy this business plan do get presented by white Americans. Why the hell are you all ready to believe someone who posted a blog, and basing your life decisions on it?

An Unbiased Amway Review | Read This Before Joining

No, Amway is not a scam. So what does the BBB say about Amway? They sense my obvious disgust with them all. He made me consider it to the point where I Googled my case and found this. But from the way I was tricked into believing that these were decent friendly folks, makes me feel disgusted about this whole scam.

I did insurance work before and I have seen agents mislead clients and I know of agent who did exactly what the industry is designed to do, protect people financial security and family. I will start buying and selling your products when I see them on tv.

bww amway business plan

Flash forward to yesterday March 26th Both my friend and ajway guy were so pushy! A guy I met in Wallmart and we shared our Numbers. When my boyfriend introduced himself after the meeting he asking my boyfriend what he did for a leaving, where he went to school and what he was doing in school and then excused himself – didn’t want to talk to me at all.


The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

They talk about being rich but has anyone gone to their businexs and actually saw this stuff? I want my money back. It’s a dirty scheme in my opinion. The real deal is he got a team in 9 countries and just in our area there are more than 40 people who are earning more than USD per month.

2015 Amway Review | What To Consider Before You Join

Is Amway for everyone- no it’s not its for those who have a dream want something different amwy life willing to change their buying habits and give up their unproductive time eg watching tv, going to drink with your friends after work. Its sad they target people in need and brainwash them like that.

Updated Oct 13, What you are saying is exactly what happened to me letter by letter starting with a call at 7 PM on Sunday to a cult like feeling They were looking for young, fresh out-of-college types looking to get into a business venture. Calling me non-stop, texting me non-stop.

Now I know they are a scam. A Lady approached me as well and said the same thing! Recently met a lady last night at Target who had the same exact approach and said all the same things which they obviously have been saying since

bww amway business plan

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