What kinds of things are you likely to want to do in order to satisfy customers and contribute to competitiveness? Internally, by allowing a good return to the organization, low operating expenses and low employment overhead by engaging temporary staff during peak period to avoid abundant staff after the season can achieve cost reduction which means more incentives, welfare and bonuses for staff. Investments at Arnhem increased the network’s capacity response to customer demand for services. Flexibility means change what you do. Other measures also includes: First, what part is it expected to play within the business – that is, its role in the business?

Internally, cost is influenced by the other performance objectives Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations in-process inventory between micro operations, as well as reducing administrative overheads. Most stores stock only a limited range of goods typically around compared with 25, to 30, stocked by conventional supermarket chains. Consider the bus company and the supermarket, and in particular consider their external customers. Operations should satisfy its stakeholders All operations have a range of stakeholders. Internal customers will judge each other’s performance partly by how reliable the other processes are in delivering material or information on time. It actually spends most of its time waiting as stocks inventories of parts and products. The hotel is very careful never to compromise the quality of its service in order to cut costs.

But, the most important will be face-to-face communication.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Flexibility – relatively little flexibility is required by the NC service – every week collections are the same with perhaps some minor variation in volume; however, the GR service has to cope with objectivss wide range of recycling tasks at whatever volume customers demand. And, marketing a product will known as the part of internationally known, trustworthy system. Strong interaction and understanding is the way to reach ogjectives goals.

Questions 1 Identify the various ways in which Hon Hai has kept its costs low.


Dependability means doing things in time for customers to receive their goods or services exactly when they are needed, or at least when they were promised. Sometimes flexible technology is used to achieve the same effect. It is our job to make them feel better. The company believes its unique approach to operations management makes it ‘ Externally, speed is an important aspect of customer service.

That is why we are passionate about continuous improvement and we’re totally committed to providing ever-higher levels of customer care. Imagine that you are an operations manager in any kind of business – a objectives’ hospital administrator, for example, or a production manager at a car plant.

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Good service means that our guests return again and again. The closer the line is to the common origin, the less important is the performance objective to the operation.

If a guest has a request, he or she has that operatons now so it needs to be sorted out now. Eventually it is taken to the press area, pressed into shape and again waits to be transported to the paint area. Wrong communication can obstruct people, getting to resists changing.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Flexibility saves resources – can prevent unnecessarily repeating planning, spending, and using resources such as time, money, workforce, to follow the traditional ways to do things done. The ability of any operation to play these roles within the organization can be judged by considering the organizational aims or aspirations of the operations function.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

For Mutiara, quality means consistently producing impeccable services, using top-class and durable materials to create the right impression and environment, and cxse and preventing all potential problems in advance. It can test for the capability and maturity. As part of human resource management, Wernie should encourage two way communications between higher management and staff.


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Four-stage progression model[Online] Available at: All these will lead to efficient organization. Its aim, says Managing Director Alan Jones, is to ‘provide the fastest and most reliable express delivery service. Notes on chapter 1 Source: To be able to identify new operation strategies for Penang Mutiara to continuously give its guests the quality hotel service.

Dependability saves money Ineffective use of time will translate into extra cost. The following information compares the approximate productivity in hours-per-vehicle HPV for some automobile manufacturers and their profit-per-vehicle PPV source: By improving the efficiency, profit can be maximized.

This new line penanv business with pharmaceutical companies is somewhat different. Together with a list of customers’ personal preferences, the system then recommends a particular design and displays it on the image of the customer’s face, In consultation with the optician the mutara can adjust shapes and sizes until the final design is etudy, Within umtiara store the frames are assembled from a range of pre-manufactured components and the lenses ground and fitted to the frames.

Examine how they describe their policies towards their customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

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In addition, for the flexibility part in the operation performance, flexibility means what you do for the changes. Internally, dependability within operations increases operational reliability, thus saving the time and money that would otherwise be taken up in solving reliability problems and also giving stability to the operation.

Communication pictures the goals and approach.

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