Research Guidelines for the Master of Science in Nursing. While the proposal is essentially an action plan, it can also represent, if done carefully, the first several chapters of your thesis. All major abstracts e. You also are required to submit an electronic version of your thesis in addition to the original and one copy. For a more detailed discussion of the oral defense, see Cone and Foster , Chapter

Faculty may ask the student to explain the meaning of the results and how they might be interpreted from different theoretical perspectives undertaken in the thesis. Fee is due upon receiving the letter from the Dean, School of Graduate Studies. If candidates are able to keep up with their cohort and do their dissertations in the planned one-year period of time, the program can be completed in three and one-half years. MyCatalog Add this page Print this page. The exit project provides International Studies graduate students an opportunity to integrate and apply what they have learned in the International Studies master’s degree program. It also ensures that many people give credit to you for your work and that your research may be cited in others publications, which adds to your prestige and can help your future advancement.

Next, you must address the question of need pertinence: Master of Arts in General Psychology Program. Students may also refer to the Master’s Thesis Handbook or the Special Project Handbook or contact the School of Graduate Studies or the Office of Sponsored Programs for more detailed information regarding conducting research using human subjects.

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Ed.D in Educational Leadership

As you decide upon the specific research questions and methodology you will use, issues of experimental design, measuring instruments, statistical analyses and the like become important. COMM may be taken concurrently. If it seems that a possible topic would take a long time to complete assuming regular effortyou should consider narrowing the topic or selecting another topic.


Research is defined by the Uniform Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects as a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalized knowledge.

Central Connecticut State University – Thesis (Plan A)

In addition, as of Spring semester, all students submitted digital copies of their theses and indicated their permission to include the thesis on the University Web Server, providing access to the complete thesis through the library s CONSULS. As Cone and Foster describe it: A second characteristic of a thesis is that, no matter what the topic or methodology used, the intent of the research is to make a contribution to the field. Coercive, incentive based, and communication-based change strategies will be contrasted.

Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are explored.

Thesis (Plan A)

What constitutes research methodology varies widely across fields. A student who puts in regular, consistent effort on the project and meets regularly with the faculty adviser should be able to bring the thesis to a successful close. Instructional Technology Capstone Project Hanxbook and Guidelines The Committee recognizes the fact that each EdD program is likely to articulate some requirements that are unique.

A fourth issue that falls under the heading of feasibility is the availability of faculty support. Regularly talk with your advisor about your ideas.

It is of critical importance that you identify the nature of the review mechanism, collect or prepare the documents you will need to submit, and allow sufficient cccsu for review.


The goal of this activity is to add new knowledge to the discipline and to demonstrate competency and worthiness of an advanced degree in the field.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

A second consideration is cost. Master s Degree Requirements: If certain materials are essential for the research, you should check whether thesis materials are obtainable before extensive effort is made in planning the study in more detail.

If, for example, the materials you need are under another person’s control, such as a school principal or agency director, you may choose to pursue the project assuming other factors make it seem worthwhile for no more than six weeks.

Powered by SmartCatalog IQ. Graduate Student Research Research is defined by the Uniform Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects as a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalized knowledge.

Graduate Studies – Master Thesis Handbook

This is often best answered by first providing a selective review of the related research Dand, then, showing how your work will fill a gap, or, in other words, clarify, extend, or apply the work of others E.

Indeed, some people have likened the thesis process to a large jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing. Topic of research proposal.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

Identify potential collateral More information. To graduat this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The Process of Writing the Master s Project Topic of research proposal More information. The program is limited to admitting approximately 25 students in alternate years.

Many theses are done in considerably less time, but sometimes take considerable more time.

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