How to use this training handbook If you wish to work through this handbook to make use of the training exercises but are not intending to apply for accreditation, you should follow the process below. Worksheets and photography text service with teacher of. Coursework aims for a balance of activities, and you should ensure that a good balance is present. Final grade thresholds are decided for each session based on available evidence. The sample should include:

The Individual Task should be as lively as possible and to ensure this, candidates are advised to prepare a topic in which they have a personal interest. Managing the administration of Speaking and Listening coursework 8. In this case, the External Moderator will make an adjustment to some or all of the marks but will not disrupt the rank order presented by the school. During the delivery of the Individual Task, examiners are likely to make notes in order to help them ask appropriate questions. Worksheets and photography text service with teacher of.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook 0500 and 0522 Cambridge IGCSE

Once the task is secure, implementation of it usually requires research, practice and refinement. Did these allow for verification of internal assessment? This publication offers guidance and support exclusively on AO3: Inclusion in parody every composition that each assignment.

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It is very good practice for all of the examiners involved in the implementation of what might be very different coursework activities to be involved in the internal moderation of marks therefore. Planning for the Speaking and Listening Test in your school It should not be assumed that a band in the assessment criteria coufsework equates to a grade. Read the sep cie igcse.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook and Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge does courrsework therefore recommend coursework for fewer than 10 candidates. The candidate utilises a diagram in his presentation which is acceptable and proceeds to summarise the different human needs that Maslow highlighted. Examiners should adhere to the following guidelines when fulfilling their role in the discussion. UK Schools — 1—16 entries: You and your learners are encouraged to be as creative and lively as possible in choosing topics and activities.


Composition that each assignment achieve a c w — controlled. Registered Centres are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use. It would be sensible for learners to research their topic several months before the test, and also to practice the delivery of the presentation several times, each time modifying their approach and material slightly. However, if you have any problems or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sections 6—9 concern the Speaking and Listening Coursework Component 6. In these cases, the External Moderator will use an Amendment Form to re-assess some of the candidates. Select your samples using the following criteria: Band 5 1 mark Responds simply or is unable to respond to questions or prompts; cannot recognise changes in the direction of the conversation.

If learners wish to talk about a hobby or interest, it is suggested that they find a creative way of doing this, with new information or through a different kind of delivery. If your application is successful in either component you will be accredited to mark both automatically.

Whatever the reason for such inconsistency of assessment, it is likely that Cambridge will request all of the candidate recordings and will re-mark all candidates externally. Managing the administration of the Speaking and Listening Test Once they have listened to and reassessed the sample, the External Moderator will reach one of the following four conclusions.

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Cambridge recommends that a single teacher should examine no more than 30 candidates as a rough guideline — and that therefore two teachers would share the examining for between 30 and 60 candidates.


The main purpose of this support material is: Group Activity 10 marks 30 Band 1 9—10 marks Can argue ideas and opinions in persuasive detail without dominating the rest of the group; adept at acting as group leader; usefully refers back to previous points; always looks to suggest new approaches and to move forward; listens sympathetically and considers the views of others fully. How to use this training handbook If you wish to work through this handbook to make use of the training exercises but are not intending to apply xheet accreditation, ce should follow the process below.

Band 5 1—2 marks May only make one or two contributions or may offer mostly inappropriate contributions; plays no real role in group membership; is largely ignorant of previous points; does not offer support for new approaches; may appear to listen but shows little evidence of listening. Band 2 4 marks Subject matter is organised and expressed competently; attempts to speak on equal terms with the listener but with a varying degree of success.

It is sensible, therefore, for an English department to appoint a person to oversee the tests usually the Head of Departmentand to manage the administration of the tests. Two candidates presenting a ccover bulletin, for example, would not work as it would not allow for Listening to be assessed.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

Other Languages Arabic Indonesian. This is particularly relevant in the case of material drawn from literary sources.

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