There are measures in place to decrease the risk of pregnancy in women using Isotretinoin. Registration, Expression of Interest, Letter of intent, etc. Ethics as a Non-Primary Focus: Furthermore, specific considerations will be taken into account in review of all applications including an RCT. Select a primary theme classification.

Reviewers to Exclude for this Application Provide the names of individuals that you think cannot provide an objective review of your application and add comments specifying the reason for their exclusion. In some funding opportunities, extra pages are allowed in order to summarize the progress made in your research. The initial high percentage of delivery costs to total program expenditures can be explained by the resources required to start up a novel research network that was designed to meet and respond to the needs of specific stakeholders, rather than supporting investigator driven research. Integrated KT means the involvement of the knowledge user right at the start of the project. Effective formats for communicating research results in response to Queries to stakeholders according to their different mandates and information needs i.

Project Grant: Spring 2019 Application Instructions

The Ethics Office’s process for refining the inclusion and exclusion criteria and validating relevant grants and awards is described in Appendix 2.

Who is the audience? Testimony provided to the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, which held hearings on pharmaceuticals over andsuggests that some stakeholders are concerned that the pharmaceutical industry may have an influence on CIHR policy decisions due to their partnerships with the national research funding agency.

For a subset of Priority-Driven funding opportunities launched in —, the Ethics Office provided ethics advice which was incorporated in a majority of cases.

cihr research proposal appendix

Ethics Office, in collaboration with the College of Reviewers with respect to reviewer-related data — The following were not considered to be science-related “Policies”: Consult the description of funding opportunities of interest in the Current Funding Opportunities. This is why you must explain and justify all items in the budget you request.


Full research reports deposited in DSEN repository.

Integrated KT means the involvement of the knowledge user right at the start of the project. In addition, committees may raise ethical concerns of their own about a proposal.

cihr research proposal appendix

Drug Information Journal, 44 Once every task is complete, including the consent, the Nominated Principal Applicant must review the terms listed and respond to the questions regarding consent in order to submit the application. Status updates on project milestones sharable within the Network. This facilitates the development and submission of scientifically, methodologically, and technically feasible Appendxi Queries to the DSEN CO, increases efficiency of the Query management process and enhances the direct interaction and communication between DSEN researchers and decision-makers.

In the case of early applications, if the applicant is unsuccessful, the currently held grant will be terminated on the date for which funding of a successful grant in that competition would have begun. Note that this step should only be completed if this section is relevant to the budget.

The following case study of a query pertaining to Isotretinoin illustrates the importance of collaboration between HC and DSEN in refining a research query. They expressed significant concern that they had no influence in the monitoring of post-market drugs by DSEN. Provide advice on 1 refining the partnership benefit-risk assessment approaches for the Pathways initiative, and 2 identifying key ethical considerations when developing a CIHR-wide partnership strategy.

Not a KT product, for internal use only. Indicate if this application includes a randomized controlled trial RCT. Describe your project in a way that is accessible to a lay audience. Individuals who are expected to bring an ethics perspective external individuals.


Ethics Performance Measurement Annual Report – – CIHR

Please provide information regarding your most significant contributions maximum of 5 as appwndix relate to the application. Subsequent to the onset of the evaluation, the scope was expanded to ensure that the evaluation would meet TBS evaluation coverage.

Select a primary theme classification. In addition, two YouTube videos of education sessions using the Workbook were viewed by 12 people in — It must always balance the efficient operation of its programs with the risks associated with seeing those programs achieve their rsearch impact.

Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal

Grants are funded through Investigator-initiated and Priority-driven sources, and include support for the direct costs of research projects; and support for conferences and workshops to establish research priorities; researcher networking and collaborative activities; scientific exchanges between Canadian and international researchers; programs that inform researchers and other stakeholders about aspects of health research; and grants to selected organizations engaged reseafch research-related activities such as the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

This page has been archived on the Web. Some interviewees felt that the current membership of the SC was appropriate, while others felt that it did not necessarily have the right mix. However, Isotretinoin-exposed pregnancies are still reported internationally.

Seven papers related to methodological advancement have been published by its teams sincewith four having between citations each as reported by Google Scholar.

Itemize your equipment requirements, with price quotations attached alpendix required. Repeat these steps for each partner.

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