Posted in teaching , Uncategorized Tagged pedagogy , seven principles , teaching Leave a comment. Students also explore important psychological and sociological sources of error in judgment and thereby gain a deeper understanding of both themselves and society. Did you know that Blackboard turned twenty? The Gateway Initiative is an effort by BMCC faculty and staff to improve student success by looking at pedagogy, course design, and student supports in courses that students often take in their first or second semesters in college. As part of a series on using social media in the classroom, I did a professional development activity for BMCC faculty on using twitter in the classroom. We ask faculty engaged in the the Gateway Initiative to take an inquiry approach and a design approach to your classes.

Those factors may account for the relatively older online student population. The course is on community colleges in graduate program on higher education. So we can celebrate the place of the humanities in the community college, and I believe that place is at the center. In addition, every year the office of Academic Affairs awards research and publication grants to faculty, many of whom are conducting research in humanities fields. Last week, we had a two-day orientation with new faculty and some staff.

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We have varied success there as well. Leaders interviewd for the Blackboard white paper agree that it will continue to transform higher education in critica, United States.

Follow me DeanJimBerg, other members of our class, and at least fifteen other higher education feeds publications, organizations, and individuals.

Never before had an instructor do this and I think it contributed a lot to interacting with each other outside xritical class and kept us thinking about community colleges and higher education.


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Small changes can be good: Below is an annotated list of the seven principles as applied to the community college student with a few links for more information and ideas.

Check out the website: Some are looking at small changes and others will attempt larger interventions.

Ditch the deficit model. Many community college students have characteristics that suggest that flexibility is important to them.

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thlnking We also sent a brief survey to students enrolled in online classes. We meet them where they are and we help them get where they want to go. Loved the Twitter and convo we had over twitter! Linguistics, the scientific study of language and its structureis, is a fascinating subject with a wide range of subfields, including theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical cirtical, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, forensic linguistics, and computational linguistics.

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But we no longer bmcf in those times. They came from the disciplines of English, Japanese, communications, as well as the social sciences. These courses are required of students who have not passed the placement exams in reading and writing.

Posts without the hashtag will not be counted. We have seen some small changes with individual faculty, and some of those changes have been incorporated by others. Studies have examined the literary careers of certain authors, aestheticism in bmccc culture, as well as autobiographical essays of growing up Chinese in New York City. Emphasizes time on task.


Students engaging with a prominent scholar about important issues in the field.

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This piece synthesized was what believed about good teaching and learning, and it has been reprinted and expanded on a number of times in the following years. We know that the humanities serve a purpose in the market place of work that our thinling will enter or are already in.

Posted in facultyresearch Tagged ChinafacultyFrancephilosophypoetrypublishingSpaintranslation Leave a comment. Twitter is up first, from October The grant supported the publication of a collection lectures that Isherwood gave to California colleges in the s, that I published with the University of Minnesota Press under the title Isherwood on Writing.

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Get to know your students and let them know you. Planning and design will happen in June and professional development for adjuncts will take place in August and September. Also, one of the key indicators of success at college is whether students come back, so we look at retention of students from their first fall to the following fall. Bncc why are we doing this? The good news is that they are going up, primarily for thniking students.

critical thinking 100 bmcc

In Springwe analyzed demographic data of students taking online courses. However, they are somewhat older and more of them have sophomore standing. The only guidelines for tweets are:

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