The impetus behind the initiative was to improve enrollment, eligibility, and claims processing with integrated processes and systems. Cigna rushed too quickly to migrate to new infrastructure and CRM applications. In finance, a company is legally bound to create reports in certain ways. Strategy and Sales Program Planning. Start small and get early wins Necessary for executive buy-in for funding support 6.

ITSY click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: Strategy and Sales Program Planning. Must consider what people think, what they believe is important and what motivates them Align these with the new processes May require changes in measurement and reward systems L. Moving forward, Cigna slowed their migration and performed a more thorough examination of their processes, systems, and staff to better understand how their new applications could be best utilized once implemented. Institute systems with carrots and sticks to focus on customer service by linking employee rewards to customer satisfaction.

Once the concept was proved, we had pressure from the top to integrate other applications as well. Warehouse Management Web Conferencing. Motivate the Data Providers To get good quality data L. In CRM, there are absolutely no rules. A CRM system that is clunky and un-intuitive will be met with resistance by its users, decreasing the chances that the solution will be adopted by the people and departments that would be best served by such a system. Who is a profitable customer?

The company lost six percent of its healthcare members in alone. Expected new IT system to deliver huge gains in productivity from automated claims processing and customer service.


Such changes would require integrating back-end processes with the CRM applications on the front end, as well as implementing new processes to accommodate the new enrollment, eligibility, and claims procedures that Cigna wanted to implement.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study

Train and retrain the customer service reps on the new systems 6. Cigna Corporation is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States.

Huge amounts of data must be in the right place in the right format Must have a detailed understanding of the quality of the data … how to clean it up … how to keep it clean … where to source it … what third-party data is required Good data is an imperative for CRM investments to pay off Action Item: Make sure your back-end data is cleansed and filtered for front-end use – When it comes to data implementayion, take nothing for granted.

Outline Harrah’s: A CRM Success Story Cigna HealthCare: A CRM Failure

Institute systems with carrots and sticks to focus on customer service by linking employee rewards to customer satisfaction. Successfully migrated anothermembers Launched MyCigna. I was a year old man from the distant state of Montana…. Its systems, reserves of data and marketing-led culture will not be easy to replicate. I never ask any of those questions.

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Who should receive which offers? Determine the profitability of your customers 2. The customer ends up mangled. An integrated system for enrollment, eligibility and claims processing Consolidate and upgrade several antiquated some dating back to back-end systems for claims processing and billing Integrate them with glitzy new customer-facing systems on the front-end Benefits Customer service reps will have a single unified view of members Customers would get one bill Medical claims proceed faster and more efficiently Project Cost: They could see themselves what information they could now get and how powerful it is.


He sees it as filling out forms just for the sake of filling out forms. I was reflecting my engineering background and was insufficiently appreciative of the human dimension. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Have experienced project managers to monitor every stage of the process. Case Study Volumes Collection. Gaining a Competitive Advantage. How you connect CRM to the back office and bring customers on board makes all the difference.

CRM Implementation Failure at Cigna Corporation

Shell Exploration and Production took 7 months to map data from 27 data sources in a GB data warehouse, using a tool from Kalido Ltd.

Create an integrated data base cass metrics that matter about customers — Resist the degree customer view … results in too much data of too little consequence 5. Why the Differences Matter. The reasons cited were: We determined that CRM is one of the significant steps in solving this critical business problem.

All gaming machines are computerized and networked.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study

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