What makes you want to write? A Creative Anthology continues to forge ahead, now with five volumes out and a sixth in production! It’s intense, but all the kids I know who went there had fun and learned a lot. On Saturday mornings the Creative Writing department gathers to hear students to share work created during the prior week. Its a great program if any of your teens are interested in the arts.

I’m confused as to which discipline to choose. The most connected, tighest, multi-talented, relaxed, and interesting people I’ve met included a lot of creative writers. Published writers, editors, agents, and select panels are invited to CSSSA for workshops, discussions and presentations. Why do you write? A lot of them turn out to be really amazing. Looking at your work objectively, ask yourself the following questions: The former is p self explanatory, and I asked the latter because I participated a lot in his discussions.

I asked her if it was a life-changing cssa, and she said yes to that. Which do I wish I took more seriously? Log in No account? I did Creative Writing last summer and it was amazing.

csssa creative writing

And a big plus: What are the stories you grew up with? What are the words you use with your friends, your family, and in your private thoughts? Excerpts from longer works are acceptable. The tuition includes the classes, room and board. I’ve taught there eight years.


my csssa experience

I’ve taught there for the last seven years. Reply Parent Thread Link.

csssa creative writing

A lot of them turn out to be really amazing. These might include creating a play, writing group poems, or working together to tell stories from their lives.

The instructors are incredibly intelligent, invigorating, and strict.

Program Instructors

She went between her junior and senior year she goes to BHS – kids come from all kinds of backgrounds and are from all over CA. Assignments will be uploaded once the application is complete.

Students do not get high school credit but can receive 3 units for college. Everytime I read something, like out of a novel, I want to do Creative Writing.

What was the most important thing you learned about your writing through the program? Hilary Darling Hilary is a poet and scholar of English literature with an emphasis on Shakespeare, the Victorians, and the multi-cultural tradition of fairy tales. And if you crextive up going, plug your ears when they tell you creayive life will be like when you come home. I took dramatic writing and while we spent most of the time on dramatic structure which applies to play scripts or screenplays we did also learn some stuff specific to how screenplays work.

Creatve want to learn a lot, yes, but at the same time, I want to make friends and enjoy the atmosphere and not be stressed out since it’s my summer break.


csssa creative writing

Thanks for the advice! Creeative thing is, I want to get a job in the movie industry and be one of those people “behind the scenes. It’s a hidden gem of a program.

Csssa Creative Writing :

It was also a good opportunity to see what dorm life and being away from home was like so craetive good for summer of junior year. Core Class Core is a foundational writing workshop that meets four mornings each week. Its extremely disciplined, with classes starting around 9am and students working on their projects til 9pm.

All assignments must be typed or neatly hand-written, double-spaced and free of errors, and on separate pages. Tuition is very reasonable, and there are scholarships available.

I loved the writing program- CSSSA is the first place where I realized that I was creahive writer, that it was my calling, and that it was a life that I wanted to pursue for myself. I’m confused as to which discipline to choose. Faculty members describe the writing exercises, their purposes, and the problems and discoveries made by the writers. Students must apply and send in slides, photos or video of their work.

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