Her ancestors left Cadrilater in , after the Treaty of Craiova which transferred the region from Romania to Bulgaria. National research developed in March ; Pescaru, Maria, Assistance and social protection of family and child, revised and enlarged edition, Sitech Publishing House, Craiova, , p. She fell into a coma in September from which she never recovered, dying from complications on 3 Road incident deaths in Romania Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Romanian women architects Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Greater Romania Party politicians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In , he became the director of this center. Coordinator of the project research team TVR on the media market, beneficiary: He was born and died in Bucharest.

Gheorghe Funar Romanian pronunciation: Roma Education Found, national research involving monitoring schools, interviewing directors monitored schools and teachers who teach in class during the semester II of the school year. Retrieved 20 October Este o fata de mare valoare care stie ce face”, a marturisit Gigi Becali. President of the National Commission of Baccalaureate: Taking up challenges, Politehnic University Bucharest, 7. Pescaru, Maria, Social determinant factors in shaping the young delinquent behavior, Journal of Political Science, no.

Post doctoral researcher in the project “Valuing cultural identities in global processes” co-financed by the European Social Fund through Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources DevelopmentContract no.

He is married to Nina and they have two daughters, Tatiana b. Work has a feminine gender, ; 9.


Initially affiliated with the Greater Romania Party, he served as an independent from May through Decemberand then through October with the Social Democrats, after which he reverted to an independent. Remember me on this computer. Florin Nechita CV Jan eng. While in the European Parliament, he was the vice-chair of the far-right Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty group. Pescaru, Maria, Social factors and group dynamics and conension of sport, in Scientific report series physical education and sport, Index Copernicus, Scipio, Ultrich, vassilescu Pescaru, Maria, Social determinant factors in shaping the young delinquent behavior, Journal of Political Science, no.


Pescaru, Maria, Classical theoretical interpretations and guidelines in the etiology of crime, in the Universitary Journal of Sociology, no.

Curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

Conferences participant in the research project: After the Revolution, he continued his work as journalist for newspapers such as Expres and Evenimentul Zilei. Editie Speciala in Romanian. Biography He became well known for his very strong nationalist stance favoring ethnic Romanians in Cluj-Napoca, which is a multi-ethnic city with an increasing ethnic Romanian majority In she became a founding member of the Greater Romania Party.

Pescaru, Maria, Romania s integration in European union-ideological and cultural aspects, Paths and crossroads of regional development in the european union, University of Craiova, Craiova, 8.

President of the National Commission of Baccalaureate: Target group participation in the strategic project: Main activities and Coordinator, key expert, assistant manager, member of programs teams and responsabilities research projects; elaboration of specialized books and papers; participation in national and international scientific meetings; keynote speaker, moderator, organizer and member of the Scientific Vurriculum at national and international scientific meetings; Member in associations: Studies published in magazines of national circulation: Institute of Anthropology Francis.

Participant in the target group research project: She worked at the Museum of Literature “D. Coordinator of the research team in the scientific research project funded by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, civic and political participation of Rroms in Romania She was an editor in the first year vaasilescu became the Head of the Investigations Olguuta in Pescaru, Maria, Concequences of migration of contemporary families on children upbringing and education, in The Universitary Journal of Sociologyno.


Lia Olguța Vasilescu

Pescaru, Maria, Violence against children- a main component of violence exercised in the family, in the Scientific Bulletin, Socio-Human series vol. Coordinator research team in European competition “Draw me a right” organized by the European Commission, General Directorate for Justice, Freedom and Security, competition organized on the occasion “of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on Human Rights” ; He is a member of the Greater Olguts Party.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

In this investigation based on a questionnaire aimed at studying perception, attitude energy companies, the vailescu, structure and utility of this specific standard practices CS The views from the questionnaires are very useful for determining directions of development of inteprinderilor and strategies, but also in terms of monitoring, impact assessment and compliance initiatives and social responsibility programs.

Pescaru, Maria, The features of the juvenile delinquency phenomenon in the Romanian society, Universitary Journal of Sociology, http: Participation in the llguta Other ethnic groups include Romani and Germans.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

Implementation of E- Learning platform at the University of Pitesti, the use of electronic archiving module and the use the E-Learning Platform courses, ; National research developed casilescu March ; Revolvy Brain’s folder Greater Romania Party politicians.

Taking up challenges, Politehnic University Bucharest, 7.

curriculum vitae lia olguta vasilescu

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