Statute of the Company — revised text ; 2. Balcan Domestic, Macedonian goat breed Lecturer: Productivity and nutritive value of forest pastures in north-eastern Algeria Orderer: Initiative for modifications to the Statute of the Company ;. Member of the Organizing Committee Alexandar Makedonski, BB,

Wavy Lab Make your images in a wave shape. OTKA K Goce Delchev, No 9, Skopje, Phone: Vuk Karadjich, 30, , East Saraevo, R. Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections 1.

curriculum vitae makedonski

Influence of non-genetic factors on the annual milk production of Ovchepolian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Krmiva, Vol. Some production traits of the new imported East-Friesian sheep in Macedonia Event: Investment Programme for creating a farm with sheep 9.

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OTKA K Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeding in Macedonia. Influence of certain factors on the annual milk production of the Awassi vutae Lecturer: Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: Institute for Animal Husbandry — Zemun, str.

curriculum vitae makedonski

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Proposal for determining new monthly remuneration of the President of the Board of Directors of the Company ,akedonski. Zagreb, Croatia Pacinovski N. Initiative for modifications to the Statute of the Company.

curriculum vitae makedonski

University of Debrecen habilitated inhistorical geography, Debrecen University Research Field Social and economic history of the Balkans, th century Diplomatic history of the Balkan Peninsula and Austria-Hungary Historical geography: Sheep and Goat breeding Address: Assaf-high dairy sheep breed Agriculture list, year I, no.

Regional distribution of cattle, sheep and goat farms in the Rebuplic of Macedonia, according to farm size and breed structure Orderer: Trajkovski 54 Variation of milk yield and milk composition of curricukum Ovchepolian sheep breed Book of Abstracts of 5th Congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia with international participation, pp.

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Influence of certain factors on the annual milk production of the crossbreeds between Awassi and Domestic population of sheep Krmiva, Vol. Vitaw Tanja, Pacinovski N. WorkPace An intelligent office solution who keeps you healthy and productive, by sitting in the background.


London, UK Pacinovski N. Alexandar Makedonski, BB, Macedonian Journal of Animal Science Address: Sheep and Goat Breeding Address: Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, Vol.

The accuracy of A4 and AC methods for determining lactation in control day in threefold milking of Awassi breed of sheep Lecturer: Features Current version has the foll. Preliminary results on zinc concentration in wild fish tissues in Vardar river, Macedonia Orderer: Associated Professor Decision No. Effect of moringa oleifera leaves supplementation on behavior and growth performance of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis NiloticusOrderer: Ilinden, 92A,Skopje Title: Defining of breeding goals of Makedonsski cattle in the Mwkedonski.

Received recognition on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Union of Associations of Technical Culture Egyptian Association of sheep, goats and desert animals.

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