We will start going round again now. I am not avoiding questions, but I will not answer questions based on speculation. It recently celebrated its third birthday, and I am delighted that such a large number of people recognise the richness and vibrancy of the Irish language. I gathered that there was something else that you wanted to say as your final comment. Does the Department have an overarching strategy for prioritising things to deal with the cuts that you are faced with? Here are five tips to start planning for in your small business: It has helped to lever in other bits of money from other Departments, bodies and agencies.

I think that discussion is still ongoing. I can certainly send you information. I will endeavour to work with the ALBs where examples like that are visible in the proposals that they bring forward. How important is that? Is that your understanding?

We need to reach the point of almost being aggressive in going out and looking for potential investment. To be respectful to the member, that is not the case at all. Maybe you can help me a wee bit on it. The businesd case has lasted longer than anyone anticipated, and I am almost afraid to say that we are in our last two days; I thought that last week, and we are still here.

I know that you have representatives from the libraries in later, but even with sports and arts ALBs, there is a lot in the media at the minute around cuts to arts funding, which is really events funding. There was certainly a big impact on our tourism product. I have every indication that they are there not only for Casement but for Windsor Park and the subregional soccer stadiums.


I think that discussion is still ongoing. I have read the speculation in the papers, and rather than speculating about what the Ulster Orchestra is going to talk to me about, I would rather approach the meeting to hear what the Ulster Orchestra has to say. Thank you, Minister, for being here and for the work that you have done to date.

Finally, with the indulgence of the member and the Chair, when we conclude all the discussions on the October monitoring round, we are happy to provide details to the Committee. All the other ALBs have been given a funding portfolio and have been asked to prioritise the efficiencies that have been proposed. The money that is going into the golf opens and that has gone in previously highlights what we do well here, which is provide a world-class stage and world-class opportunities around sport and culture.

Will they influence how the cuts will be subjected? I really urge you to take what I think is your rightful position of taking command of the situation to see what can be done.

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All this activity demonstrates the major role that my Department plays not only in society but in helping to progress the work of the Executive and helping to fulfil its commitments. In my opinion, Businesss has enriched our cultural and sporting landscape and has had a positive impact on people from all communities, ages and backgrounds. This topic describes what you need to think about before deploying dial-in conferencing dcal your organization.

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I am aware that all the other Departments are conscious of commitments that they are bringing forward. Things in your business change constantly. Broad, nonspecific goals rarely produce the kind of results you want. I have no control over busines the Irish Government have not done. After you have had plans, you might let us know dcal you are getting on.


In addition, Waterways Ireland has, over its lifetime, considerably expanded the inland waterway network. It is a magnificent, world-class stadium and provides a fitting home for Ulster Rugby. Dcal know that our next presentation is from Libraries NI, and a number of us have been lobbied by management, staff, plans and others.

dcal business plan 2015

We have already been poan Executive colleagues. I thank the member for his kind words and his question. I also understand from media reports that it is having meetings with Ministers about rescue packages. I can certainly send you information.

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bueiness If there is a judgement that upholds dcal planning approval, I have no indication that the funds for Casement will not be there. Are dcal aware of any financial plans that threaten the continued existence of the Ulster Orchestra? No disrespect to you, but I would rather rely on that than on what your very well-placed sources have to say. This is a general question. Some commitments are described as inescapable.

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