The agency manages a wide portfolio of change which commits it to delivering its services in a digital form, accessible to a wide range of users both directly and through intermediaries. Founder member of the European Transport Safety Council: DVLA information services maintain the day-to-day operations of the business, identifying issues and resolving incidents. We aim to put this right. Thank you for your feedback.

To achieve the vision we will need to become an organisation that is digital by default, with services so good that people want to use the digital one first. New report in conjunction with PACTS reveals dangers of not wearing a seat belt and calls for tougher laws for not doing so. We will mitigate this risk by raising staff development, talent management strategy and expanding training opportunities. Is this page useful? The Department also published on the same day the first performance specification for the strategic road network which sets out five outcomes and underlying key performance deliverables for this network for the period VED also commonly known as vehicle tax. A FTE is a unit that indicates the workload of an employed person in a way that makes workloads comparable across various contexts.

Progress against performance 3 April First published. Explore the topic Corporate and operational information transport Civil service reform Government efficiency, transparency and accountability Government spending.

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Programmes of work have been established to deliver specific high level objectives and each programme commissions the projects it needs to deliver individual outputs.

PDFKBbusindss pages. We will measure our progress in delivering the vision against the following headline milestones to:.

dvla business plan 2013-14

The Government Gateway is the website you use to register for online government services. Heavy goods vehicle road user levy.


dvla business plan 2013-14

Bills currently before Parliament with potential links to transport safety. For more information on transparency and accountability visit Gov. The purpose of this business plan is to map out our digital journey and show how the needs of our customers and partners will be met.

Find out more about cookies or hide this message. In recognition of this change to our operating cost base, we will conduct a review of fee income and future investment requirements and propose a strategy for the future that ubsiness and limits charges imposed on motorists whilst ensuring the long-term continuation of DVLA services.

DVLA is committed to improving the way it handles complaints, achieving resolution at the earliest opportunity for our customers. We will mitigate businrss risk by raising staff development, talent management strategy and expanding training opportunities.

DVLA business plan 2013 to 2014

The Agency has installed rainwater harvesting, waterless urinals and low flush toilets across its estate. SinceDVLA has consistently developed new digital services making it easier for customers to transact with us whilst delivering significant savings.

We will measure our progress in delivering the vision against the following headline milestones to:. An FTE of 1. Find out more about cookies or hide this message. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. We will be losing experienced staff when local offices close, this increases the risk that Swansea lack or fail to retain the range of capability needed.

Modernisation will mean centralising work in Swansea businesss will lead to efficiency savings. DVLA will continue to work across government as one of the leaders in the government digital by default strategy.


DVLA digital services are now available on a new single government website Gov. We also publish contract and expenditure details.

dvla business plan 2013-14

The Agency estate is flexible, efficient and effective, which enables it to meet evla changing requirements of the business, particularly those arising from the closure of the local services network. We want to be seen as a world class organisation in managing the collection, storage and provision of accurate data relating to driving entitlements and vehicles and the collection of motoring taxes.

Tangible asset sometimes referred to as fixed assets are items that are purchased as capital expenditure and have a physical substance. The Transformation Director is responsible for the agency Change Portfolio Office who co-ordinate planning, resource prioritisation and progress reporting across all the change initiatives underway.

This digital direction is the core of the DVLA operational change programme. Direct – A cost that is incurred as a direct result of a particular activity, for example sending a V11 form to a customer incurs a postage charge. Whilst the agency recycles all paper through the Government Procurement Service closed loop initiative, we recognise that there is more we can do to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

We will use 4, post offices offering front office counter services to carry out assisted digital transactions for customers. DVLA will continue to review its waste. Output services produce cards, print documents and send them to customers. How the Agency is changing 4.

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