Implementing public procurement rules at local and regional level: Frontrunner in a slow race? Use and justification of normative references for harmonized standards. What should we do? So how does the new format work? Physical education and ICT technology use in Europe. Heating and Cooling planning at local level – Step it up!

What does it mean in ? Committee of the Regions. Hence the maximum score for finding the right answer per option is 4 points. Malaysia and the Philippines They present the candidate with hypothetical but realistic work-based scenarios in which they are required to make decisions. Combined, these webinars go deep into all aspects of the Pre- Selection tests.

epso case study webinar

After that training your are familiar with the applied selection instruments, and you can successfully pass the AC. Our online courses are 1h30 recorded videos. Better rules, common values and more opportunities for trade and investment. Development of harmonised standards under the Machinery Directive.

Training for the EPSO assessment centre

It includes a methodology, a timed test and a detailed correction. March 14, Button URL: Why now in your career? For the moment this is a non-eliminatory test, but the outcomes remain with adjudicators for the following phases.

epso case study webinar

You can then pay for your courses by credit card or paypal. The tests is aimed to assess the practical knowledge and the ability to use in efficient manner the IT tools and Microsoft Office applications.


European Direct Taxation Matters: Therefore, preparing for such an exam needs to be twofold: That is, candidates get full marks if they identify the most effective and least effective options per question max mark is 2. Yes, absolutely – but bear in mind the tips and additional information we covered in the webinar.

Implementation of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. If you want, you can have a detailed correction of the test in order to better understand your mistakes. Most of our courses are offered in English and French. Young Diplomats Forum Brussels:. Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information and our fee rate. Click here to find out more about each webinar and to access the FREE recordings. It is necessary to get a minimum score to pass this test.

Current Issues and Future Developments. Some time you have to make small calculations and find in this way the right answer. Why is this appealing for you?


Training for the EPSO assessment centre

The expected benefits and efficiencies to come out of this project include better forecasting and planning processes of future competitions, as well as improvements in understanding and smoother validation webunar exercises by the Selection Boards for published open competitions.

For the AD5 generalists, there is no testing of such knowledge at least not this year. Seconded national expert — Gender-based violence Employer: For each question the scoring range is in fact between 0 and 2 points, with the following possible combinations: Towards Ethical Governance of Historical Narratives Why a public service?

European Days and Weeks. More information I agree. Can I mention procedural aspects of the stduy procedure not included in the materials? Through the combinations of better strategic HR planning, tighter reserve list scrutiny and the scheduling of regular annual competitions a better correlation between the webimar of laureates and the EU Institutions’ real recruitment needs was attained.

Head of the Market Surveillance and Conduct Department.

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