So he pushes the doe into the river with hard mind providing a slow painful death to the never to be born fawn. Swerve in line 4 means “change direction suddenly” and it has a physical meaning. Morality is about taking the right decision and right action in a complicated and also in not-so complicated situation. They are made but dead without birth in the earth. If a rod traverses a jungle, there should be barbed-wire fences on both the sides. But these sounds are a joy in themselves. They suggest that we should handle the conflicting situation in a rational manner.

He travels through the heights and along the jungle. If there is one to blame it is us. He walks backward to notice a recently killed pregnant doe. Je le lui dis. He married Dorothy Hope Frantz in ; they had four children.

Esszy the first stanza, the speaker sees a dead deer on the road and wants to avoid driving around it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Customers provide the get help brainstorming ideas, writing essays, and more from an essay writing our essay writing about water pollution.

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Does the speaker “swerve”? Or You may choose below answer: Visibility and power essays on women in society and development they reflect some of the major concerns in the area as they have emerged over the last. They are made but dead without birth in the earth. Hseb essay writing – Get qualified custom writing help fast and easily.

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In the line “I thought hard for all of us”, what does the poet think about? Some of the steps are costly but we will have to take because we can’t risk priceless human and animal life.


We feel for the fawn, not for the doe though. Arrest warrants were issued for George Jacobs Jr. One has to assume that DoD specified certain security controls at the time the contract was awarded to the travel services vendor. It could make more accidents.

This feeling makes him sentimental. He listened the people getting restless as everybody was in hurry to go. Some of those decisions already have definite conclusions, but we wish we could change the conclusion to them by making the choice but we don’t have the power in order to change the way we make these decisions. When he observed its belly closely, he sensed that the fawn inside it must be alive.

Ask us in our discussion forum. But Harris was criticized for exaggerating the point of parental upbringing seems to matter less than previously thought to the implication that parents do not matter.

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What must be submitted to complete a rice mba application? In this poem the speaker is in an ironical situation as he is made to think deeply to do something to save the unborn fawn for which he is not responsible.

In the fourth stanza, the poet describes the activities of his car. Darj identifying information and financial information are used to create your FAFSA profile and determine your eligibility for aid. He travels through the heights and along the jungle. Social Share Share on Facebook Tweet.


What does he say is the best thing to do? How do you explain its significance in the poem?

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In the last stanza, the speaker thinks hard for his group, and pushes the pregnant doe into the river. The first line of the last stanza shows mental activity and the speaker thinks about the living creatures and nature. There are two types of action — physical and mental — in the poem.

Often, our human actions shift from high thoughts to petty inhuman action, not out of our own volition tne because of the circumstances or state of affairs.

The poet moralises implicitly. Do you think you could lend me Rs. The poet does not appear sentimental to the deer. They were promptly rallied by General Breckinridge, who, having preceded his other brigades, reached the ground at that moment, but as they were very much cut up, they were not required to renew the attack.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

He walks backward to notice a recently killed pregnant doe.

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