Owing to siltation, the capacity has come down by about 30 tmcft. The cost of dam and appurtenant works was Rs. It is influenced chiefly by the South-West monsoon. One of the major problems and concerns associated with TB Dam is it has been undergoing lot of silting. This is seriously affecting fishermen, who are solely dependent on the river for their livelihood.

It is considered a multipurpose dam. The Krishna is second largest river in peninsular India. During ancient times, the kings of Vijayanagara dynasty used this river by building numerous irrigation canals and aqueducts. About Us Profile Feedback. The stage I power generation commissioned during

The wedge of land that lies north of the Tungabhadra River, between the Tungabhadra teougu the Krishna, is known as the Raichur Doab. The river is famous for the sweetness of its water and is considered to be the sweetest water in the world. They are found wherever there is a possibility of land erosion during the floods.

essay on tungabhadra river in telugu

Tungabhadra is a major river in the south Indian peninsula. The ancient name of the river was Pampa. The cost of dam and appurtenant works was Rs. Hampi is situated on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra river. Near the sea, they have relatively flat gradients and a mild flood plain. Protracted negotiations and investigations lasted for about eighty years. Hence from there, the name Tungabhadra was given. As the road and rail transportation increased it is now an irrigation project, for Kurnool and Kadapa districts, carrying water through the K.


They are integral to agriculture, a source of hydropower and used for transportation in certain areas.

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The dam creates the biggest reservoir on the Tungabhadra River with tmcft of gross storage capacity at full reservoir level FRL m MSL, and a water spread area of square kilometres. Industrial pollution has damaged the Tungabhadra River. It is influenced chiefly by the South-West monsoon. With help of a cofferdam constructed earlier, foundation excavation was continued during flood season also.

The Tungabhadra Dam was telutu at Hosapete in the middle of the 20th century to harness the river water, aiding the growth of agriculture and industry in the region. The Sangameshwara temple and Jogulamba temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddessess Devi respectively are present near Alampur village.

Canal Kurnool-Cuddapah; until recently Kadapa was spelled “Cuddapah”.

essay on tungabhadra river in telugu

InGovernment of Madras proposed a joint project on the Tungabhadra. It is one of the most polluted rivers in the country. Commons category link is on Wikidata Coordinates ttelugu Wikidata All stub articles. Very large boulders of 3′ x 4′ x 5′ are also used in its construction. It is also a popular tourist attraction of Hampi and draws a huge crowd to its banks each year.

essay on tungabhadra river in telugu

Visveswarayaa Statesman-cum-Engineer. Water availability in the reservoir could be augmented by transferring water from the Krishna Riverif a link canal were constructed from the Almatti reservoir to the Tungabhadra reservoir.


It was in a conference between the Governments of Madras and Hyderabad held on 26 Junethat a final decision was arrived at on the allocation of waters as well as on taking up teluug project jointly and sharing the cost equally between the two States. About Us Profile Feedback.

Many of the ancient canals are still in use to irrigate the surrounding agriculture fields. The plant erection was started in the Dam Power House in Nov.

There is a belief that ” Thunga pana Ganga snana” which means we should drink the water of river thunga and take bath in river Ganga. Its storage capacity is Tmcft.

Tungabhadra Dam

These are some of the largest rivers in the state and drain towards the Bay of Bengal. The Tungabhadra Hydro Electric Scheme was undertaken in the composite Mardas State in the post war period under the first five-year plan in the year Sangameswaram, kurnool DistrictIndia. A huge dam around 20 km south-west of Hampi had been built across the Tungabhadra river as a part of a hydroelectric project.

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