SimpleDateFormat is ideal for the job. With his help, you too can feel like a Java super-villain. Chris Grindstaff Published on May 25, I am trying to add a detector which will detect System. You may in fact be perfectly comfortable that this class is bug free in itself. The last sentence was So maybe it is time to search your code for all static usages of the Calendar and various

Several related detectors may be grouped together by sharing the same abbreviation. Those patterns are divided into categories, such as “Bad practice”, “Correctness”, “Multithreaded correctness”, “Performance” and some more. Another very useful tool to use when writing detectors is the perennial javap. As always, if you like this article feel free to send or post a link. Of course, if your application is throwing thousands of exceptions, you have more serious problems than big log files, but bear with me for illustrative purposes.

This is certainly not as sophisticated as the Findbugs algorithm but certainly easier to understand no headaches either and at least it works — plain and simple.

StaticAccess FindBugs detector

The team needed a better way to identify the places that had been missed. For example, Listing 6 shows the first line of code from findbufs in Listing Hi Josh, Thanks for this, very useful stuff. So we indeed get different results from what we would expect. The code is packaged as a jar which you can add to your test classpath to assert the behaviour of a new detector in a unit test without having to run the whole FindBugs executable to see the results.


As always, if you like this article feel free to send or post a link. The second will be about finding invocations on static instances, which is a little bit trickier.

You need to do this with the maven plugin, so I’m not too worried about it:.

Writing custom detectors

findugs Of course, I failed to remember that FindBugs analyzes class files, and so I would need to provide the location of the target directory. Unknown “I love to teach, as a painter loves to paint, as a singer loves to sing, as a musician loves to play” – William Lyon Phelps.

findbugs writing custom detectors

The team needed a detector that would find the places in their code where exceptions were caught and asked to print their stack traces. DateFormat or a subclass thereof method calls on static instances of java. This detector was used to find all the places in the code where the message to log was being created outside of the guard clause — also a fairly common problem and one that can be quite expensive if you have fancy toString detectorz.

In wwriting to include this in a FindBugs sweep it needs to be packaged as a FindBugs plugin. Running this program will yield no result, i. If it is, we report a bug by creating a new bug instance, specifying the type of bug which we’ll discuss in more detail later and its priority.

The class annotation is at position 0, and the method annotation is at position 1. As FindBugs analyzes a class, it will call the visit Code method when the contents of a method are walked.

findbugs writing custom detectors

This is necessary to find out which type of request we were send the address is the same for all of them. Unicorn Meta Zoo custkm The team from the unguarded logging example also had problems with catching exceptions.


Finally, the detectorw reporting strategy is passed around as a parameter in most places, so I had to include the BugPattern and BugReporter in my signature:. You might add more test cases to make absolutely sure that there is no bug lurking in this code.

StaticAccess FindBugs detector

Adding custom detectors in findbugs Ask Question. Email Required, but never shown.

findbugs writing custom detectors

Since I’m not particularly worried about the reporting, I just created a simple PrintStream bug reporter:. You may in fact be perfectly comfortable that this class is bug free in itself. Now we’ll take a look at FindBugs’ most powerful feature — custom bug detectors.

Writing your own FindBugs plugin – Obligation Detector – vasileirimia

Examining the output of javap helps you understand the control flow of vindbugs method and how to form the class, signature, and name constants that you need to specify in the sawOpcode method. I am trying to add a detector which will detect System. Enter code analysis software, e. The problem at hand could be described like this: The error is because of the package hierarchy. You are commenting using your Google account.

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