Thank-you very much for collating this fantastic resource. WS-Using graphs to solve eqns solns to Q1. Textbook exercises to practise skills of standard constructions and constructing loci. Hi Mel, On the Expand, simplify and expand worksheet the answer for the last question you wrote down is incorrect. Access thousands of exam questions with Exampro Mathematics.

A range of examples and exercises on sketching quadratic curves. WS-Decimal division with answers. Star resources Perimeter, area and Continue reading. An investigation involving combination of transformations including a plenary activity. A worksheet on finding the area and perimeter of circles and composite shapes made from rectangles and circles.

Ericson March 13, at 8: Many thanks for sharing these useful resources. WS-How old is Tom. WS-Circles, sectors and arcs. Thanks for the feedback. A number of powerpoints which consider finding the length of arcs and areas of sectors in real life contexts.

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Especially seeing as you only need the volume of the frustum to multiply by 2. Interactive exercises which involve calculation of missing angles on a straight line, at a point and vertically opposite angles Levels 1 – 4.


Online game involving single transformations and combinations of transformations – three levels of frequemcy. Happy New Year Mel and the team, hope you are well. Sequences — part 3.


Thank you so much for all these resources! Shaz June 19, at A rectangle made up of two squares — Part 1. Never mind you have put the soloutions up, thank you very much for creating this its extremely helpful.

Hi Mel these worksheets are a great resource and I was wondering whether the justmaths team were going to do any worksheets pooygon the new practise papers on the edexcel website New GCSE Uomework practice test papers x 12 — Set 1 and 2, March and New GCSE Maths practice test papers x 6 — Set 3 July I would be happy to create a rough ffequency myself, if you email me the practise papers.

Hi, Thank you for this resource. A quadratic expression 4. Manny April 16, at WS-Percentage Increases and Decreases.


frequency polygon homework tes

Points A, B and C. Inequalities are used to specify intervals.

STICKY! 9-1 Exam questions by topic – HIGHER TIER – version 2

Geometry — H — Vectors v2. AB — Part 2. Statistics — H — Sampling v2 ;olygon Solutions. A template is included for students to design a similar activity of their own. Algebra — H — Equation of a Straight Line v3. WS-Time, Distance and Speed.

frequency polygon homework tes

Hey have you managed to get the answers yet? Statistics — H — Sampling v2.

Copies for students are provided on the last few slides – these are suitable for printing. JustMathsMel May 8, at 7: Thanks — these are brilliant! Then would come the application questions, where I would present my students with problems like this: Much appreciated thank you.

frequency polygon homework tes

WS-Ratio – Inverse Proportion.

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