Rocks been thrown into the cliffs by waves and breaking off bits of the cliff. The size and shape of coarse sediments can be measured on the beach. Erosion of headlands joint, crack, cave, arch, stack, stump 2. Add an arrow to represent fetch too. The mass of sediment in each sieve is measured using scales and the percentage of the total sample can be calculated. The beach is the accumulation of sand between the lowest spring tides and the highest spring tides.

Rocks, sand and stones being thrown into each other by the sea current and waves. Land use type can be recorded as a tally as shown above, values for different types of land use can also be found in secondary sources. Groyne measurements Rip-rap volume and weight measurements. You can ask geographical questions about anywhere on the coast. System How do groynes at x affect the sediment budget along the coast?

Bi-polar analysis Questionnaires Cost-benefit analysis.

Coastal Management – FSC Geography Fieldwork

Both images above credit to the most excellent internetgeography. Are these hard defences sustainable? Bay An indented area of land normally found between two headlands.

Environment Agency provides maps of the coastal erosion management policy in England.

Click the diagram to make it bigger. Explore real-time data including wave direction and height and a gallery of photographs from across the coast of England and Wales at the Channel Coast Observatory http: Secondary data sources 1.


Geography Coursework- Coasts

The cost of maintenance over a set time year period should be found in the same documentation and used for your calculation. Then, watch from 10 minutes onwards. It is the process by which material moves along the beach everyday. Your task is to complete an RSA style video that incorporates the following: Coasts are shaped by the sea and the action of waves.

Measure the angle of rest of the boulder – is the widest facing facing straight into the waves, or does it lie at an angle?

The measurement technique used depends on the size of the sediments. Because the cliff is moving backwards a wave cut platform geoggaphy expanse of bare rock is created. You can collect field data on the effectiveness of the rip-rap simply by measuring the length, width and height of each boulder.

geography gcse coursework coasts

The slight acidity of sea water causing bits of the cliff to dissolve. How resilient is the coast at settlement x to changing weather patterns associated with climate change? This has happened as a result of a number of erosional processes. If they find a crack or a joint they will start attacking it.

geography gcse coursework coasts

Here are some examples. The movement of water and load back down the beach. Here are a few suggestions: The processes that take place are erosion, fcse and deposition.


Geography- Whistable Coast Project

This modal land use and its associated score can then be used in the flood risk calculation. What is the impact of coastal management on longshore coursewoek and the rate of deposition? When did the sediment balance change from accretion to erosion? Make notes under the following headings please: They are formed when you get alternate layers of hard and soft rock.

If this happens a blowhole is created. If you star in the photo, you will gain extra credit.

Geography- Whistable Coast Project – GCSE Geography – Marked by

For a more representative cost benefit analysis, consideration of gvse house and business prices depending on the location along the coastline should be taken into account. All Geography starts with someone going into the field to find out what’s there. Choose a series of opposing positive and negative statements. Rip-rap volume and weight measurements Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence.

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