Shoreline management plans are an essential source to find our more about about erosion and other coastal processes in your chosen length of coastline. Annotate it with as much detail as possible. Groynes are wooden or concrete fences walls placed out into the sea to stop longshore drift happening. Bay An indented area of land normally found between two headlands. After 20 minutes find as many pebbles as you can, and measure how far each has moved from the start point. Projections of coastal flooding as a result of sea level rise can be modelled using Flooding Firetree. What do you think are the most important reasons for protecting the coast at Tywyn?

When did the sediment balance change from accretion to erosion? Importance of Coasts File Size: Coastal Erosion types of erosion Coasts being at the boundary of the land and the sea are extremely vulnerable to erosion. Overtime the crack may turn into a cave. Please rank the following statements from 1 most important to 6 least important. Risk What factors put the coast at x at risk of coastal flooding? Add an arrow to represent fetch too.

It is the process by which material moves along the beach everyday. Often it is a good idea to word the question so that people could respond with positive answers, negative answers or a mixture of the two. Research questions Sub questions What is the impact of the coastal defences at x?

geography gcse coursework coasts

As the arch gets bigger the weight of the arch roof gets too great and it collapses, leaving a stack. Please rank the following statements from 1 most important to 6 least important Answers: The sieves are arranged in decreasing mesh diameter with the largest at the top.


How vulnerable is human activity to coastal flooding? You can collect field data on the effectiveness of the rip-rap simply by measuring the length, width and height of each boulder.

This information can then be used to calculate Hudson’s equation see Data Analysis. Use a set of graduated sieves can be used to sort sediment samples into different size categories in millimetres or as phi sizes.

This modal land use and its associated score can then be used in the flood risk calculation. System How do groynes at x affect geograpyh sediment budget along the coast?

Coastal Management – FSC Geography Fieldwork

There are two ways of presenting statements: Different sea defences require different levels of maintenance than others e. Type of data Primary data collection technique Secondary data collection source Beach morphology Beach profiles Coarse sediment analysis: For a more representative cost benefit coursewok, consideration of different house and business prices depending on the location along the coastline should be taken into account.

Beach profiles can also be used to calculate cross-sectional area and the amount of beach material present.

geography gcse coursework coasts

Follow a straight transect line from the edge of the sea to the end of the active beach. It is influenced by the wind, fetch and depth of water.

They are formed when you get alternate layers of hard and soft rock. This is judged by eye. Coastal Erosion types of erosion Coasts being at the boundary of the land and the sea are extremely vulnerable to erosion.


Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged.

Geography Coursework- Coasts

What is the impact of coastal management on longshore drift and the rate of deposition? Beach material is higher on one side of the groyne. These are examples of sped up videos that are over dubbed with narrative showing the changes to the river features on the River Garonne.

If they find a crack or a joint they will start attacking it. The movement of water and load back down the beach.

Explore real-time data including wave direction and height and a gallery of photographs from across the coast of England and Wales at the Channel Coast Observatory http: Read more at the Institution of Civil Engineers website. The distance between the crest and the trough.

Weathering in coastal areas a. Environment Agency provides maps of the coastal erosion management policy in England. Measuring size The size and shape of coarse sediments can be measured on the beach.

Caves, Arches, Stacks and Stumps Caves, arches, stacks and stumps are usually found on headlands, where wave refraction is causing erosion on coastz sides. Wave cut platforms are only visible at low tide.

Construct your own environmental quality assessment.

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