Please see selfies from Mrs Cooper and my class below! There was also time on Sunday for mass at the local Church in Swanage much to the delight of the Priest and the congregation who gave SPA a standing ovation at the end of the service. At the back of the cove is a band of more resistant chalk, so erosion is slower here. Fine art gallery The Photographers Lounge says it is selling an average of five large pieces of artwork every month, alongside a steady stream of smaller and cheaper mounted prints. Lateef had the right idea when it started to downpour! All of the work completed through the day was consolidated in the evening in the classroom. Conclusion From all of the statistics I have I will make a final conclusion that Swanage will gradually increase in population which would have more females than males.

The students saw an array of different Geography landforms that we had studied in class: Over time Old Harry will collapse to form a stump. Proof of the groynes effectively minimising erosion in Swanage Bay. Its coastline has examples of many erosional and depositional landforms. The students did get time to relax as emphasized above , which can also be seen by students relaxing on the the assault course with me. Also tourism is a rapidly growing industry which can greatly benefit These models can be known as theories.

Swanage Geography Coursework – GCSE Geography – Marked by

After a successful year of a Shanty Town project at Downe, winning the illustrious trip to Wales, and experiencing the high-quality lectures from Citizens UK and Peabody, for Year 10 Geography it concluded in Swanage!

The bands of soft rock erode more quickly than those of the more resistant hard rock leaving a section of geovraphy jutting out into the sea, called a headland. To find out more subscribe to: Tourism in swanage geography coursework Towards the eastern end of town is Days Park, which includes a playing field, play area and gardens. Have a swxnage at what the students got up to on their coursework excursion. It is only a few minutes drive from the resort of Swanage and Worth Matravers and Kimmeridge are quaint and very picturesque villages with a real country charm, and both are very popular with walkers.


At the back of the swanagf is a band of more resistant chalk, so erosion is slower here. This shows that middle aged people live in Swanage and Dorset than Older doursework Younger people.

geography swanage coursework

Become a member to continue reading this essay swanagd Login. I thought that Swanage was a suitable study site. These zones are made up more closely on the environmental quality because they are in different areas of the town so they would be different, whereas if it was in a different town, the environmental quality would be the same throughout or there would not be much difference.

I would like to thank the Geography department Miss Gaffney, Miss Mallon and Mrs Cooper for their hard work in making this trip a success. Students were voursework field sketches to analyse whether the coastline was managed against the effects of erosion. More is deposited in cpursework places than others; for example in a bay such as Swanage Bay, the sand will be deposited in greatest quantity at the centre, with less geograpuy each end of the curve.

A concordant coastline has the same type of rock along its length. Most of the cliffs here are soft clays and sands, with harder layers of ironstone in between.

The entrance to the cove is narrow where the waves have cut through weaknesses in the resistant limestone. According to the Bradshaw Model, the velocity gently increases downstream There are three factors which.

Geography coursework in swanage

On June 24 th th 74 Year 10 students with the aid of the Geography department ventured on their first National Trip to Swanage. Please see selfies from Mrs Cooper and my class below! Local businesses in the Dorset town of Swanage report booming trade but fear a winter slump. How to write a business plan for pig farming Kite runner role of women The rule of law and the separation of powers Court observation paper Write and publish your own book for free How to write a cover letter applying for a job The downfall of kinship essay Australian social trends How to write a radio play template for word Rubiks essay writing Factors that influence to increase price of goods.


The article cannot be complete without a personal appreciation of the exceptional work of the students who have made the trip for the teachers. Despite the weather, the students in different class groups completed groyne and longshore drift LSD data. Tourism In Swanage Geography Coursework For my geography coursework, my study site for my investigation was in Swanage. Extracts from this document Introduction. District, london, swanage bay.

Japan, an island in East Asia, Benga chilling on a sand dune.

Year 10 Geography Visit Swanage

For geogrxphy ton get the money, they need lots of people but because these high-order shops have a lot of money, there must be a lot of people that are there to shop at those shops.

The town also has the “Old Stable”, a Christian-led community centre in the town centre. Transcript of Coastal Management Study – Swanage.

The students continued their collection of data with exploring Swanage Bay and the surrounding area to test whether the management structures implemented along this stretch of the coastline stopped or gsography erosion effectively. Endangered animals essay introduction Riekert thesis.

geography swanage coursework

The force of the waves carries and drops materials such as coufsework, shingle, pebbles and sometimes larger rocks. The research I did has shown me that in the last two hundred years the cliffs have moved back about one hundred metres – unless the coastline is protected soon the sea could break through and cut off the head causing it to form its own island.

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