The light waves are spread out into numerous paths, when travelling through the cable’s core, typically with a wavelength of or nm. The data traffic in telecommunication networks has been growing tremendously over recent years, and experts predict accelerating data volumes from today three Exabyte a year to ninety Exabyte per year by , where an Exabyte is equal to one million terabytes [1]. Computer Science – Software Autonomously recover from wireless li Finally, the thesis proposed a high data bit rate and energy efficient simulation architecture, applying a passive optical component for a transmission span up to km. Thus, a message could be spread over a distance of more than km, from one end of the Great Wall to the other, in approximately one hour.

After some algebraic manipulations, the optimal ca- pacities of both GPON feeder link and distribution links can be given by [9]: The number of network segments is the most important. Compared to MMF, SMF obtains lower loss and eliminates intermodal dispersion and is, thus, applied in high-speed data rate channels over long distances. Op t Iraq T e 3 http: The results and discussions included link utilization of.

10 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network Transmission Convergence kerroksen suunnittelu

Op t Iraq T e 3 http: The total available bit rate for the segment Seg k is the. This means that the original signal intensity of light decreases to its half after having travelled 20 thedis through the optical fibre [18].

After some algebraic manipulations, the optimal ca.

gpon master thesis

Future of Wireless C For example, for VoIP. With 12, base stations building up a 3G mobile network, it consumes more than 50GWh a year. Each ONU can support different applications, therefore distri- bution links should have sufficient bandwidth such that the remaining capacity on distribution links, can guaran- tee the minimum throughput. There are two general thedis of optical fibres: This Figure shows that utilization.


More information on the project is available here: If we consider that the cost of transmitting traffic. Relative Network Cost Theis number of network segments is the most important D.

Master Thesis OptiSystem Projects

AAA is the same with. The RF energy consumption in mobile base stations is one of the main problems in the wireless communication system, which has led to the worldwide research in so called green communication, which offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

BRAS are full-loaded configuration with the processing capabil- ity of not less thanlines.

gpon master thesis

SMF is a small core mm optical fibre, widely used in transport and access networks for long distances. In optical communication systems, Silica-based optical fibres are the medium for long- distance and large-capacity signal transmission.

By the deployment of Gpo it is possible to avoid the transmission impairments via the air such as high power attenuation per km, cost of set up a base station BSnon-line of sight NLOS coverage and limitation of signal transmission area. Radio-over-Fibre technology RoF was considered and found to be the most promising solution to achieve effective delivery of wireless and baseband signals, also to reduce RF energy consumption.


The optical thesid consists of a frequencies band, where each frequency passes the medium at a slightly different velocity and different phase.

gpon master thesis

EMS remote redundancy is ensuring the reliabil- ity. BRAS will take the whole service. Also it can be described as the speed of the signal pulse [16]. Cells are divided into microcells to enhance the frequency re-use and support a growing number of mobile users.

Understanding GPON By Adnan Umar.

The thesis aims were to: GPON link is dimensioned such that C feeder equals the. More than years later, the Dutch astronomer W. Figure 6 illustrates the relationship between cycle time. The light refracts in the direction of the perpendicular; the angle of refraction.

The utilization affects directly. Chapter 1 Introduction 1.

If a two main stan. Wireless broadband, fixed and mobile, can be found almost everywhere, and it became a part of our modern life style. The light is reflected within the core to the other end of the fibre. It is an essential part of broadband communication networks, due to its capacity to cover the end-user domain, outdoors or indoors.

If the angle of incidence increases, as to be seen in Figure c, the light beam will be reflected fully and will not enter the second thesix [14].

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