In December there was a fire in the community of Legarda, after the fire the families of NML were prohibited from reconstructing their homes, facing another threat of relocation. In the end, NML managed to avoid 6 Translated: Manila was re-envisioned as an international trading port centred on the Spanish walled city of Intramuros. We have no magulo [disorder, chaos], no fighting. It would therefore be suitable to relate the PPHI to the recommendations of researchers who study local participation in urban planning. By being seen as eye-sores, the community express that they, especially in the past, have been treated with neglect and had a hard time claiming their rights Interview

Since semi-structured interviews are flexible in their na- ture, the respondents had a large influence over the content of the interviews, and I believe that the research questions can be answered by my empirical material. By staying in the city, the people of Legarda could provide a necessary workforce and be a positive contribution to Manila, as the NML president expresses it: Relating this issue to social capital; the NML gains a lot of strength from its bonded communal social capital. Apart from the fact that informal settlers have irregular incomes, they are physically flexible; because the homes are constructed of light materials, they can be expanded when the number of family members increases. Moreover, the transparency and bureaucratic simplicity of a foundation-led project allowed KBPIP efficiently utilize resources. In order to achieve this aim my research question is: By Dakila Kim Padoga Yee.

The Metro Manila Commission was created in which under the leadership of the First Lady Imelda Marcos, wife of Ferdinand Marcos, exerted tight control over the many local government agencies that have until then been implementing independent plans. By Michael Adrian PadillaC. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on padig website! The encounters with the people of the study were intense, and the ev- eryday struggles of people in a vulnerable position quite naturally inspire emotional investment and empathy.

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In the present situation, the Pasig River is one stuey the greatest casualties of the movement of large and high degree of concentration of people in Manila attributable to Urban Revolution. I believe that the reason for the NMLs cooperative approach towards the government, is directly linked to the support of UPA. And most noticeable is the increasing number of squatter colonies living beside the river.


One of the main concerns expressed by the respondents is that the government is not feeling the same sense of urgency or commitment to the project as does the members of NML, therefore, the processing of the government agencies is very slow.

ilog pasig case study

It deals primarily on management, rehabilitation of the river and regulation of the dumping of untreated wastewater and solid waste on the waterway. The chosen themes are: A group with fewer resources have to be larger to create the same amount of collective capital within their social network.

The Pasig River Essay

The cluster leaders do not receive any financial compensation for their engagement, and few of the leaders sought out their position. In a review article on Community Based Adaptation CBA in urban planning, benefits and challenges to the mainstreaming of CBA is explored by assessing case studies from five cities with experiences in trying to im- plement this approach to their adaptation strategies Sharma et al. The accumulated resources within the bonded social capital keeps increasing as the cluster leaders are finding more ways to convince the larger community in Manila and the gov- ernment that they have the same right to live in the city just as anyone else; as long as informal settlers get access to these basic rights, the urban poor can contribute to the city as any other ulog.

How about make it original? People Build the City: People with poor financial means who migrate to cities have a hard time finding any affordable housing, and informal settlements develop due to the lack of other options Tacoli, While the latter relies on trust and reciprocity and in some cases formal institutions Adger, Before ini- iog the coding process I expected to find codes more in line with the questions from the interviews12 regarding concepts such as: When Aquino was stdy, the threat of demolition of the community ilig to be an issue, and the promises of the president cawe not seem to be fulfilled.

Nevertheless, I wish to have been able to return to the community after my initial analysis in order to make my study more in-depth. Flows of information or paeig can be described as an expression of social capital rather than just an asset Adger, Berner describes cities as poverty alleviators, urban areas have many livelihood opportunities; which is one of the reasons why impoverished peo- ple migrate from rural areas to live informally in the NCR Berner, One of the community organisers at UPA believes that by being labelled as taga ilog, the urban poor end up feeling like they do not deserve to claim their rights: Urbanism and the various subcultures existing in Metro Manila result in many problems that reflect the complex socio-economic characteristics of the city.


Moreover, the small stipend they receive and the livelihood project they engage in append their household incomes. These four arguments are categorised as information, influence, social credentials, and reinforcement Lin, In Legarda, many of the residents earn their living by small scale production of consumer cas to be sold on the street or in the neighbourhood.

ilog pasig case study

By Cake Prhitz Dadap. Essentially, social capital explains how an individual or a group of actors use their relationship to other actors to their benefit Adger, On the ilogg hand, climate hazards cannot be scheduled, which means that even if there would be more stability in governmental projects, the sense of urgency would still exist.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

Note that these characteristics are meant to describe the acquisition and accumulation of social capital, they do not exclude one another and can be present simultaneously. The main objective of improving water quality of the Pasig River klog class C standard i. Coming from Sweden, where we call everyone by their first name and social hierarchies in languages are avoided, I also had to spend time getting accustomed to the use of respectful linguistics in the Philippines, for instance to always say po at the end of a sentence when speaking to someone older then myself, and addressing people as if they were family members out of respect6.

The pilot interview taught me that it was better to collect an informed consent verbally at the beginning of each interview, stuudy I also asked for permission to record the interviews for the purpose of the thesis writing process. A particular emphasis is put on three characteristics of social capital:

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