Val I want to be someone who can tell it like it is. Extended The Flintstones Retrieved from ” https: When they get back to Jenna’s home, Tamara and Ming bust their date with games and confessions but are soon won over by Matty’s true words. This causes Jenna to rethink her “relationship” with Matty while complications arise when Matty wants to take Jenna out for dinner in a secluded area. Jake and Matty demand answers from Jenna after reading her blog.

Although Matty is willing to eventually forgive Jenna and go back to the way they were, Jenna breaks up with him, thinking that they both probably deserve better. Tamara starts to make new friends. Enormous Married…With Children Ming becomes the new head of Asian mafia. Jenna also receives a surprising letter in the mail. Tamara finally apologizes to Adam but as she returns the ring, Adam still rejects her. Jenna thanks Matty for leaving his new girlfriend Devon to rescue her.

MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 17 preview: Will Jenna’s essay now destroy her?

Meanwhile, Sadie and Lissa’s friendship continued to be troubled due to Lissa’s cheer captain position. However, when Jenna leans over, she hits the PA system button and ends up telling the jnnas school that she wants to sleep with Jake. Family Pet The Brady Bunch: Retrieved July 27, Home Article TV Families.

Retrieved August 17, awkwatd Ming is annoyed with Jenna for not telling her that she had sex with Matty. Tamara co-hosts the big Black Friday party, pushing Jake to the edge with her bossiness.


Awkward., Ep 3.18: “Old Jenna” continues on the path of reconciliation

Jenna gets a strange stalker who advertises her fake suicide; after confronting him, she ends up in detention where she meets “Jenna Plus”, a junior she suspects is Matty’s new girlfriend. Jenna realizes that their relationship is only casual and she starts to get to know Jake.

jennas essay awkward

Meanwhile, it’s prom season at Palos Hills and Jenna is convinced that Matty will ask her in the midst of their renewed friendship. Jenna rebuffs Val’s attempts to reach out to her and harshly mocks her. Meanwhile, Sadie manages to steal Jenna’s file, with awwkward letter in it. Please log in again. Jenna and Matty decide they love each other and want to continue the relationship over the summer. Archived from the original on September 25, Retrieved August 31, Matty gets accepted to Berkeley just as Jenna is ready to tell him that she loves him, but later decides to keep this to herself as they prepare to go to separate colleges.

jennas essay awkward

By Mark Harris February 23, at Where do Fred and Wilma plug in their TV? Jake discovers Tamara has been lying to him.

jennas essay awkward

While talking to Jake she tells him that she likes a guy who is already taken and Jake mistakenly thinks she is talking about him. She finds solace in a self-discovery novel that was written by none other than Mr. Has flashbacks Married…With Children: The Sanctuary has got a video camera put in taping all the “Scandalous” stuff that’s happened over the year.


Jake gets upset when he learns of Jenna esay Matty’s past, breaking up with Jenna saying ‘the timing wasn’t right’. Her father went to stay with Jenna’s grandmother while her mother stays home and adjusts to being lonely. Jenna ends up helping Lacey in her interpretation; Jenna gets mad with Matty for not writing something significant in her yearbook, but he explains to her that she is his best friend.

This leads to Gabby breaking up with Matty and spilling the beans about her and Jake, ending the episode with Matty punching Jake and storming off.

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Ally, who knows Sadie better, offers her help. Jenna finds that she is comfortable in Collin’s crowd while Matty feels out of place. I sing my heart out and have my own concert in my living room with my iPod blasting.

Jenna’s dad ends up coming finding them dancing and is heartbroken. Jenna finds out that Matty is no longer with Bailey and that he has been single all summer. Forgive yourself like you forgave me. In hennas first episode of the season Mr.

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