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It still makes me weep. Posted May 25, at 6: Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic time with your pigeons!! Do you know Kate Bowler? Things will break, they always do. And how inexpressibly, overwhelmingly grateful I am for that simple fact.

They started in the 60s, in suburban Philadelphia, with bridge and tennis and chardonnay ok, vodka and, over time, became something like a dedicated fleet, armed ships sailing together, weather be damned. People will drift in and out. We will nod in agreement that it is as much an honor to witness a person come into the world as it is to watch a person leave it.

Last night I talked to her parents for an hour. I was on a flight to somewhere, Hubby next to me. For me and women of my generation, transcebding started with playdates, cutting carbs and meeting on Monday mornings in workout clothes to do awkward moves with large colorful balls.

We will transcend, ladies

I love this essay. Do you know Kate Bowler?

kelly corrigan transcending essay

The essay is also a bonus in the paperback edition of The Middle Place, due in bookstores Dec. Read it, and then call one of your pigeons. I feel a post coming on!


Sailing together, weather be damned – A Design So Vast

We will transcend, ladies. Got a podcast for you. Sailing together, jelly be damned Over the weekend I read a book called Salt in my Soul cover to cover I have a lots of wonderful friends, but they are separate from one another.

How to Raise an Adult Book.

kelly corrigan transcending essay

Recent Post by Transcendnig. I really like this friend so I said yes. Write to us at barbara speakwellbeing. And yet so much is the same. If you are an event planner, put our expertise to work for you to connect you with a fabulous motivational keynote speaker for your conference or special event.

The brilliant, wise, intelligent, kind, loving, loyal, hilarious women who created for me — finally! When I finally finished reading, I sat sobbing. Prioritize love above all else. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

Transcending: Words on Women and Strength | KarmaTube

Almost exactly 6 years ago, I shared some thoughts about women and friendship in a video essay called Transcending and a week later, millions of people had shared it with friends all over creation.

When it comes, and it will come, we will cry as we howl as we clutch as we circle. She wrote it for all the great women in her life, and so it is my pleasure to share her reading of it with all of the great women in my life. It was amazing to see the words connect us all.


See more of Kelly Corrigan on Facebook. We have snow on the ground, and freezing temperatures — amazing for Portland, Oregon, where a green and drippy wet Christmas is more the norm.

In light of my year and all of the sweet friends who sent prayers, presents and encouragement, the best thing I thought I could share with you in this last e-news for is this amazing reading by one of our newest speakers, Kelly Corrigan. Kate is a very special thinker.

It has been quite a year getting through two knee replacement surgeries, 30 physical therapy appointments, and all of the unknowns.

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