How could the committee help the intern find technology resources? An application to More information. All three members of the committee Principal, Resource Teacher and Teacher Educator and the intern must be present at the orientation meeting In some cases [medical issues, budget, etc. After the lesson plan review, record your feedback on the IPR and score Standard 2. The post-observation conference should take place as soon as possible after the observation.

Student Voice Apr Source of Evidence: About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Emphasize urgency to address concerns and issues no later than two days after lesson to be identified in Task C. No time can be logged until a resource teacher has been KTIP trained. For those that were getting confused, what strategies might you use to help them understand the content? Auth with social network: There is a separate guide for:

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)

If the intern s job starts or the committee assignment is made later than the beginning of the school year, or if school is guidf for an extended period of time, the chairperson of the committee is expected to adjust the timeline accordingly, including the May 1 date. The post-observation conference should take place as soon as possible after the observation.

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However, the only score entered in the RTIY is holistic. Literacy Specialist Program Portfolio Requirements, p. Lesson Analysis and Reflection Task D: This administrative regulation establishes the requirements for the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. Each observation shall be one 1 hour in duration or one 1 class period.


ktip guide for homework

Task E is being introduced at this time as the self-assessment of Task E must be completed prior to the Orientation or any other tasks. Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. Collect any remaining e-tickets from the online homework. The model is More information.

ktip guide for homework

The purpose of this task is to consider the instructional implications of contextual factors. This task will likely be completed at the beginning of the year and updated throughout the year. At each cycle meeting thereafter, adjust dates according to weather, sick or personal leave, or docked contract days.

A member who spends an equal amount of time at two schools shall choose one of the schools and will be entitled to one full vote. The English Portfolio Process.

The Assessment Plan Task I: Committee members should review their particular roles sheet. Provide a walkthrough of pages 26 — 27, referring back to pages 20 and Classroom Observation Task C: Within the — instructional day span all gor cycles must occur as identified in regulation.

Reflecting on Teaching Component 4B: Observations Addresses the following components of KFfT: Making three official one-hour observation visits to the intern s classroom and conducting a post-observation conference after each observation. The dates in pink represent the Cycle hojework dates days following the Orientation meeting. Assist the teacher intern with instructional activities such as planning, management techniques, assessment, and parent conferences.


Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – ppt download

Evidence describes what the observer actually sees when observing. Though rapport is very important, keep the focus on what will help improve student learning and instruction during the conference.

You will use evidence to explain your assessment decisions during mentoring sessions with interns, hlmework meetings, and possibly in appeal hearings should you serve on a committee that decides not to recommend an intern for certification. If consensus cannot be reached in Cycle 3, two of the three committee members must assign a score of 3 on each standard for a successful internship.

ktip guide for homework

These notes will be used during mentoring sessions, committee meetings, and possibly in appeal hearings. Kentucky Teacher Internship Program: It guidde not limited to a student with an official plan e. For Example, if the Orientation is held on September 4, begin counting on September 5 for day one of the 60 day span for Cycle 1. Professional Responsibilities, which shall include: Trainees should read through Task C for understanding.

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