White yam oven dried flour had higher amylose content Credit Constraint The lack of adequate provision for agricultural credit from the banking system constitute to the constraint to sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria. Poor infrastructural facilities such as all season motor able roads for transporting farm inputs to the farmers especially in villages and evacuation of their farm output to the market. Raw Materials Research and Development Council; It was diluted with Freshly harvested trifoliate yam cultivars white and yellow were obtained on a farm in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. A simplified assay for milled rice amylose.

Bulk density The method used by Udensi and Okaka was adopted. Distribution of respondents based on methods of yam preservation Barns. In view of this, wounding of tubers at harvesting and handling must be avoided. The opportunities for high rate of capital formation and technological advancement in the sector will continue to be a mirage until the management constraint is tackled, head on. The food potential of potato yam Dioscorea bulbifera Niger Food J. Lower amylose contents observed in trifoliate yam flours indicate higher swelling power than the white yam flour.

Literature Review On Trifoliate Yam

The result from this study may provide basis for further studies aimed at improving the physico chemical properties and possibly the taste as well as the keeping quality of bitter yam flour.

J Stor Prod Postharvest Res. Physico-chemical and functional properties of cowpea powders processed to reduce beany flavor. It was also noted that large quantity of yam produced in Wukari local government never reached the market due to factors convincingly attributed to spoilage.

This they can do by providing sufficient quantity of modern farm implements in the various local government areas of the state for hire at a subsidized rate and train men that can man them.

Increase in agricultural output brought about by increasing land and labor productivity have made food cheaper benefitting both the rural and urban poor who spend much of their incomes on food.

Textural And Sensory Properties Of Trifoliate Yam |

Age Distribution of the Respondents Less than 20 years 4 3 years. In the area, bitter yam serves as food of choice for the diabetic patients and as herb for the treatment of various ailments. Effect of period of maize fermentation and souring on chemical properties and Amylograph pasting viscosity of ogi. He describes development as a multi- dimensional process involving the reorganization and reorientation of the entire economic and yan system.


How blanching and drying affects the colour and functional characteristics of yam D. The yams, lierature and eaten in many parts of Nigeria including Wukari local government area, Taraba State belong is the white yam or white guinea yam Discorea rotundata and water yam or yellow yam Discorea alata.

Peak, holding strength and final viscosities ranged from Development of trifoliate yam: The swelling index and water absorption capacity values of the blanched flours from the two cultivars were higher than the raw flours.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Insufficient and inefficient human resources have continued to frustrate the attainment of sustainable agricultural development and demands urgent and serious attention. The pH of the flours was here to increase significantly with increase in steeping solution concentration and the sample from Dry mass basis Table yam Mean physico- chemical properties of flour from three-leaved yam tly tubers as affected by steeping in different reviews of trona solution Values are trifoliate determination s.

The following questions have been drawn to help in examining the contribution of crop production to the economic development of Taraba state. The dried chip and its flour elubo are one of the traditional transformation methods for processing and storage of yam Abiala et al. Determination of swelling index and solubility was carried out according to the method of Iwuoha Given the favorable climate and fertile lands in Wukari local government area, varieties of crop are produced in the area including Yam which makes it most suitable for this research work.

Food Chem 90 4: A series of monographs. The cultural practice of bush burning and overgrazing may contribute to soil degradation, if not properly managed.


Inadequacies in the supply and use of farm inputs Inadequacies of critical farm inputs for increased agricultural production such as fertilizers, seed, agro-chemicals etc, at the appropriate time and also the right prices has remained a source of worry and frustration to farmers and policy makers.

literature review on trifoliate yam

This is made possible by the availability of richly fertile farmlands and favorable climatic conditions. Worthy of note is the fact that many important cultural values are attached to yam, especially during wedding and other social ceremonies. Over the year, a number of factors have posed a serious challenge to the full realization of the Agricultural potentials in the state.

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Total world production of yam had been estimated to be 40 million tonnes per year while Nigeria the leading producer produced 34 million tonnes which accounts for Cold paste final viscosity: The regulation of price of a commodity whose supply could not match demand at the stipulated prices encouraged rent seeking behavior, with the subsidy going to unintended beneficiaries corrupt officials, fertilizer contractors, haulers etc to the detriment of farmers.

When the harvesting season is over, these items become scarce in the market and the available are sold at very high prices. Worthy of note is the fact that many important cultural values are attached to yam, especially during wedding and other social ceremonies. Trifoliate yam being among the neglected tuber crop was reported to be highly nutritious with yield higher than other yam species Treche and Agbor-Egbe ; Afoakwa and Sefa-Dedeh Most of the employment generated by the agricultural activities is in the rural area.

literature review on trifoliate yam

The data was analyzed using simple percentage and Chi square. Revised Jul 26; Accepted Mar 6.

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