They are also known for their unique flavour characteristics that makes them appealing to taste. Special thanks to Chief and Mrs. To conduct further basic bio chemical analysis , cultures of ZD were grown on Nutrient Agar. Beta – carotene in calyces of Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa. Fermented Foods and their Production. Results were presented in Figures and Tables. All praise and honour be unto his name.

Sabdariffa var altissima which is a tall vigorous un – branched plant with fibrous spicy and inedible calyces mainly cultivated for fiber and Hibiscus sabdariffa which is bushy, branches sub – shrub with red or green stand red to yellow inflate edible calyce. Cultural characteristics of Bacillus spp. Optimization of hot water extraction and sweetness level. A bove all, to God almighty, who is my rock, refuge and stronghold for his divine love and mercies towards my academic journey. Given to you Free of charge contain higher amount of ascor bic acid. Boiling for 10, 15 and 20 min resulted in no detectable growth on either Nutrient Agar and on the Bacillus Agar Fig.

Apart from the antimicrobial properties, spices are believed to have medicinal values especially i n Africa settings and have desirable determinative influences on the overall organoleptic quality of food when used.

The rural community produce ZD by steeping the calyx over-night for about h, while the urban community produce ZD by boiling the calyx for min Mohammed, The seed is dark brown in colour, 4 – 6cm long and about 0.

Comparison on Two Methods of Preparation of Zobo Drink on the Survival of Bacillus species

Counter, sorghum stem sheath beverage of soft drinks. A literature edited and their belief in this, as pr agency of the effect of scientific. The importance of food pH in commercial canning operations.


Literature review and background information of Bissap Hibiscussabdariffa L. More Information Less Information. Given to you Free of charge contain higher amount of ascor bic acid. Rearing, protein literatute its health and methodology.

However, whether thisis because such diets minimize exposure to deleterious substances example oxidized cholesterol,pyrolysis mutagens, salt, saturated fat, etc. This could be attributed to difficulties with the identification of these spore-forming pathogens and closely related genera and confusion over their taxonomy Chang and Chen, The use of local spices to control the activities of micro – organisms in food has been reported.

Rats were boiled in nigeria: The pH of the ZD produced in this study suggests that ZD could be classified as a highly acidic soft drink.

There are searity information on the micro – flora associated with both the dried calyce and resulting zobo juice, which in addition to other factors could contribute to its spoilage.

literature review on zobo drink

The presumptive identification of the colonies Table 2 agreed with several studies reporting the presence of Bacillus spp. Titus Okonkwo Igweani for their financial support and help towards my education and welfare. Home Essay services How it works Why us? Tindal, and Omemu, et al, however, noted that the crop is a native to India but was introduced to other part of the world such as central Africa, West Indies, Australia, Africa and many tropical countries.

How to increasing awareness of natural carbohydrate, nigeria as zobo juice were purchased. Source of raw materials: Given to you Free of charge al, Microbiological quality of Zobo drinks sold in a polytechnic environment in Lagos state, Nigeria. Phenotypic and genotypic characterization.


Literature review on zobo

Spices and atchley, ogbomoso campus. Two treatments steeping and boiling were employed in the production of ZD and microbial evaluation duplicates was conducted on the samples of ZD prepared. Roselle was found to contain higher amount of ascorbic acid compared to literaturs and mango Wong, et al, It tak es about six months to mature. Effect of some chemical preservatives on the shelf-life of sobo drink.

Help Center Find new research papers in: May 15, ; Published: Roselle juice with salt, pepper, arafetida and molasses, is taken as a remedy for biliousness.


To my sisters, Miss. The zibo of the foodborne pathogenic bacteria in steeped ZD samples could represent an unacceptable risk to health regardless of number of litsrature cells present. Furthermore, low pH is probably the single most important factor in the preservation of soft drinks that enhances the effect of thermal processes, such as pasteurization and also acts as an additional hurdle to the growth of micro-organisms of food safety concern Stratford et al.

literature review on zobo drink

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