The built landscape is destroyed. These are made from concrete and have steel rods embedded inside to help strengthen. Formation Layers of lava and ash are deposited by eruptions. Teachit Timer A fantastic free clock for timing classroom activities. These resources have just been added and cover key areas of the geography curriculum for key stage

What is an earthquake? Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Liquefaction – where the ground begins to act like a liquid during an earthquake Focus – the start of the earthquake underground Epicentre – the point on the grounds surface directly above the epicentre. Key stage 5 Key stage 5 All resources Our collection of key stage 5 Geography resources is in the process of formation! Registration Forgot your password?

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Key stage 5 Key stage 5 All resources Our collection of key stage 5 Geography resources is in the process of formation! This is where as the ground lost its sheer stength and acted more like a liquid as water moved up through the sediments resulting in reduced strength and causing buildings to collapse due to lack of support.

Teaching tools and ideas Teaching tools and ideas To help you help your students! A severe earthquake at rush hour in a densely populated urban area could have devastating effects.


medc earthquake case study san francisco

Mount Saint Helens Date: By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. We hope to fix this issue within the next hour or two. An activity sheet looking at causes of earthquakes.

Ready-made Matching activities Interactive Matching activities Having trouble using the activities? The collapse was caused partly by soil faiture and also the unsuitable design of the supporting piers. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Secondary effects 13th January earthquake: Achieve rapid and effective recovery. North Caase and Pacific plates sliding past each other Plates slide past each other. If you’ve not tried them, you are…. Effects of the San Francisco Earthquake The effects of the earthquake included: Subscribe as a department Subscribe to Teachit Geography as a department.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

More information is available from the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society…. An engaging maze activity to assess knowledge of earthquakes. Destructive plate boundary Heavier oceanic crust gets pushed under the continental plate e. Published by Albert Garrett Modified over 3 years ago.

Complete this form and upload a minimum of three resources to get the ball rolling. The time of year and climate Influences survival rates and the rate at which disease can spread. People may be killed or injured.



The earthquake occurred due to the sudden release of the built up pressure. Prediction Forecasting future changes.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

How are our highest and. Mec plate boundary Plates are pulled apart by the convection currents in the mantle below Magma rises between the plates, forming volcanoes North American plate Eurasian Plate e.

Earthquakes. – ppt download

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Parts of the plates get stuck and then lurch free causing earthquakes. Download tried and tested activities, games and worksheets.

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