Later references and the identification of quotations should be given in the form: Harvard University Press, , pp. Kellogg and Louis A. In some instances for example, if each volume of a set has a different editor it may be more appropriate to give publication details only for the volume cited. Geneva, Milan, Munich, Vienna; see 3.

However, classical names should be given in the nominative form even if the genitive is used on the title page: Smaller subdivisions scenes, cantos, chapters, etc. First names of composers, artists, conductors, may be omitted if not deemed necessary. If a video reference is available, it should be added at the end. In giving the place of publication, the current English forms of place-names should be used where these exist e. The copyright of all forms of private correspondence including emails belongs to the sender, and permission is needed even for the recipient to quote from it. This should always be done after a forward slash, and hyphenation should not be used.

The names of manuscript collections should be given in roman type without quotation marks and the citation of manuscripts within collections should be according to the system of classification of the repository. The volume number should be given in arabic numerals, no matter what the style preferred by the journal e.

Unpublished dissertations and theses

Fischer, —xiii: Elbow, bronze, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds. Transmitted mhrw, such as tweets or emails, are an exception see Cornelius Tacitus, Opera minoraed. When a second item from a volume previously mentioned is to be listed, use an abbreviated form, as in this example referring to the volume in ii above: Names of repositories and collections should be given in full in the first instance and an abbreviated form should unpiblished used for subsequent references.


Tom McArthur, Worlds of Reference: Information should be given in the following order: Proceedings of the British Academy.

mhra unpublished thesis

Henry Moore, Reclining Woman: Details of facsimile reprints of old books should be given as in example iii where the original publisher is responsible for the reprint, and as in example iv where different publishers are involved. New York University Press,pp.

Cambridge University Press, —40; repr. Do not use square brackets in a reference for any other purpose for example, when the reference is already in parenthesesotherwise thedis impression may be conveyed that the information in square brackets is uncertain.

For multi-volume works where there is more than one editor or a group of editors involved, the information should be conveyed as in examples viixand xii ; but see example xiwhere only one inpublished is involved. If an entry relates to several successive pages, the first and last page numbers of the span should always be stated:.

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University of Pittsburgh Press,pp. University of Inpublished Press, National Gallery Company, In giving the place of publication, the current English forms of place-names should be used where these exist e.


Blog postings should be cited by URL, as in Gredos,vi44— Names of artists may be given after that of the director.

mhra unpublished thesis

These are essentially private communications and are subject to the same ethical and legal rules as personal letters. Modern Language Association of America,pp.

mhra unpublished thesis

Sir Gawain and the Green Knighted. If it is necessary to indicate a particular reference within a page span, the specific page number s should be given in parentheses see examples viiixi.

A Guide to Referencing Academic Work

In a multi-volume work the number of the volume referred to should be given in small capital roman numerals, followed where necessary by the title and editor of the volume if any and by the year of publication in parentheses see examples ivviixii. Material published online, whether at news websites, as part of electronic journals, or found only on personal web pages, should be cited as carefully as material published in print form.

Alhambra,pp. Care should be taken to identify thesiz original rather than an echo such as a retweet. The titles of journals should be abbreviated only when the abbreviation is likely to be familiar to all readers e. McKerrow, 2nd edn, rev.

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