January 14, – Here’s a quick summary of tasks to do for Monday if not already done: Anyone who was not able to finish during class time will need to finish this assignment over the weekend. I plan to accomplish this task by October 24, – No homework from me tonight since my students have told me that they are feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of homework currently being assigned by their various teachers. This is a school rule.

If access to Actively Learn is not yet possible, reading another good book is perfectly fine! Adolescents enrolled in a school in the OCDSB or the OCSB ,as well as some surrounding boards, will have their transportation via taxi arranged through their school board. What In the World Issue 2 is due on Friday of this week. At the grade 8 level: Please remember to read each test question three times. The following people are already spoken for:.

Read Chapter One and answer all of the questions for the chapter.

Monday – Create an organizer and write a first draft. In addition to questions within Actively Learn, each of these readings has an accompanying writing assignment to be turned in to me.

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Please note that for those students who still need a re-test for the previous math unit, time is now getting very short. Anyone not finished all of Issue 1 of What In the World 4 articles needs to finish. It covers math and many other subjects as well. See me to confirm. At one point we were hopeful that it might even win at the national level. All of the students started reading a suspenseful short story entitled “The Landlady.


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In your opinion, which member of the 7 MFI class is the most cooperative person? September 19, – A few students found that they did not have enough time to complete the required work with the What In the World news magazine this week and so have been assigned specific homework over the weekend. Students will need to research the selected person, prepare a biographical report and a presentation to educate peers about the person.

I am planning to mark all of the summaries of “To Build a Fire” over the coming weekend so hoework copies will not be accepted after Friday. October 1, – All of my students, icdsb both grade 7 and grade 8, should review perfect square multiplication facts e.

In English class students are working on group presentations about an Homewodk topic or about a Nobel Prize winner.

The duration of enrolment in the Homeworrk on Track Program is one school semester but this is assessed on an individual basis. The requirement for this project pertaining to Science class is that some of the playground features, to be built later in the 3-D model phase, must use a simple machine e.

Students who have already selected a person to research, but do not see their inspirational person listed above, are strongly encouraged to email me soonest.

Also study math, of course. There also is a new writing assignment about our current Character Education trait of Cooperation. Currently in math class we are studying about scale factors and proportionality. I am available to help you! If not already submitted, work on the math kcdsb about Integers pages 57 and 58 of the homework handouts.


Part of being ready for high school is taking initiative, being responsible for your own progress, and for your own success.

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February 21, – About half of 7MFI attended school today despite the weather. Grade 7 students have completed take-home study sheets and grade 8 students will have finished their sheets by tomorrow.

ocdsb homework calendar

Students cqlendar do not get their work to me on time will not be able to have me submit their entries for them. The final writing portfolio is due in mid-May and that will come quickly! Then read again, slowly and carefully, before completing each question to confirm understanding.

ocdsb homework calendar

Everyone needs to work hard this weekend to study for the math test. In order to start work on the portfolios, my grade 7 students will each need two pieces of bristol board. Students in this category should finish the caelndar in the green duotangs ASAP and then come to see me to book a time for writing the re-test. Reading comprehension skills himework as inferencing, summarizing, reading for detail and drawing conclusions are developed.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of listening to three interesting presentations. Students were encouraged to sign out textbooks over the weekend for study purposes.

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