I am tracking promptness of assignment completion and submission so as to be ready for the upcoming “Report Card Writing Day” so students need to be sure to get everything done and submitted on time. April 4, – Students have another math assignment to finish over the weekend if they did not finish today. Time and materials will be provided in school but many may wish to work at home as well. Today the grade 7 students were introduced to Actively Learn and, guided by their grade 8 partners, started reading accounts at that site. We will be using this site again next week but students who are going to Queen’s University will not have the same amount of time to spend exploring as the rest of the class. I would like everyone to make, or purchase, addition and subtraction flashcards or borrow one of my sets and check at home to be absolutely certain all basic math facts have truly been mastered. These are either students who are working ahead because they are going to be absent or those who need to repeat an assignment in order to get a better mark.

Doing nightly homework helps to prepare students for the demands of high school. They are to write two different accounts of their summer vacation – one that is fiction and one that is non-fiction. A operator will provide you with information about the community organization closest to your home which can help you access school supplies through their school supplies program. Please check it out, and register soon, before all the spaces fill up! If so, this will be discussed with the adolescent and may require the participation of parents.

I am available to help you! The compare and contrast essay concerning Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” is due at the end of January so it would benefit hoework to get it done now. Our classrooms are safe and welcoming teaching and learning spaces. I must say that the essays which I have received so far are proving to be an interesting read indeed!


ocdsb homework calendar

Any grade 8 students who are struggling a bit should try starting with grade 6 or 7 level and then try the grade 8 level questions. These overdue assignments are essential assignments so they must be completed. May 9, – Students have a new paragraph writing assignment.

ocdsb homework calendar

In addition, all students have today’s math assignment to complete if it was not finished in class. Enjoy the great weather.

ocdsb homework calendar

Many thanks to Madhusha, Reem, and Mayriam. I am not assigning any new homework but rather trying to get all students caught up on handing in overdue calendra.

Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative

The fact that Remembrance Day is past does not exempt them from completing the work. Most of my students did a really great job on this assignment. Each adolescent will have at least one academic planning session. I am caelndar expecting grade 7 and grade 8 students to master every thing presented there but exploring the material in the courses is most beneficial for reviewing basic homweork from lower grades, seeing and hearing interesting explanations of intermediate level material and getting a taste for what is coming up in high school math.

In class this past week, while focussing mainly on trying to get everything ready for the the Evening of the Arts, we also starting doing the annual end-of-the-year CASI reading testing. I only have 6 sets of earbuds to lend out, which clearly is not enough for everyone.

I am sure they will agree that much of the work is very impressive! Exponential Form only the first example applies to our work.

Earl of March SS

In English class students are working on group presentations about an Olympic topic or about a Nobel Prize winner. Grade 8 students do not need to bring any new bristol board as they will continue using the portfolios which they created with me last school year. The next test is the test that will “count” so students certainly do need to prepare for it. Good communication between home and school is vital and parents are expected to be in regular contact with the program.


Please sign up for the free “audit” version of both courses.

School Year Calendar Approved – Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Permission forms are required for all contest entries. A s for the PowerPoint presentations to the class; these will likely commence during the week of March 24th. See you on Monday! With respect to Data Management, please note that the recently-distributed What In The World Issue 2 has a bonus data management ocdab included.

Improving access to coordinated, consistent, high-quality health care for children, youth and their families. School fees are essential to the running of our school. Review basic math facts especially the multiplication facts up to 12 times 12read a quality book and discuss it with an adult, or review class notes for any subject. The purpose of this is to let each student know what he or she needs to focus on during the upcoming unit. The CASI reading test is two pages long.

Most often I was able to grant more than one request per student. October 24, calnedar No homework from me tonight since my students have told me that they are feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of homework currently being assigned by their various teachers.

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