Sahu, Rajiv Lochan A comparative study on joints with and without gouge fill. Chouksey, Ashutosh Study of parametric optimization of fused deposition modelling process using response surface methodology. Jain , Garima Removal of copper and zinc from wastewater using chitosan. Kumar, Rajeev Numerical solution of moving boundary problem related to continuous casting. Maheshwari, Shishir Image blending using graph cut method for image mosaicing. Garg, Subham Dry and wet grinding behaviour of Fe and Sio2 in specially designed dual drive planetary ball mill. Akula, H Particle swarm optimisation based DG allocation in primary distribution networks for voltage profile improvement and loss reduction.

Majhi, Manoj Kumar Effect of span length on bending strength and Weibull modulus of sintered alumina bar. Kumar , Shiv Ranjan Design of plant layout having passages and inner structural wall using particle swarm optimization. Bansal, Rajan Improving dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modelling FDM parts using response surface methodology. World Wide Web Consortium open Standard. Sen, Arpan and Kashyap, Rishabh Soil stabilization using waste fiber materials.

ShereefAmal Hisham E. Bagria, Bajrang Lal Hydrodynamics of inverse liquid fluidized bed. Majumder, Biswajit Land use and land cover change detection study at Sukinda valley using remote sensing and GIS.

Nath, K Use of multicomponent fluid for waste heat recovery using kalina cycle.

Bhattacharjee, Anuran Environmental flows-detailed assessment of the rivers of mahanadi basin of india. Pradhan, A Rourkepa of alumina based porous ceramics using sodium alginate as gelling agent. Das, Suvra and Sahoo, Bikash Ranjan Studies on adsorption of surfactants on solid-liquid interface and its importance in slurry-rheology.


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Application to Microarray Cancer Data. Paswan, Swati Studying the arsenic absorption by keratin protein extracted from human hair. Influence of Masonry Mechanical Properties. KBijesh Effect of fiber loading on mechanical behavior of chopped glass fiber reinforced polymer composites.

Choudhury, Susanta Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. Tiwari, Priyanka Thermodyamic, ecoomic analysis and desiging of heating system for the swimming pool present at NIT rourkela. Dhir, Satarupa Study of flow of granular solids through horizontal orifices. Sabar, Pratima Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked beam-columns. Anvesh, M Machine learning approaches for breast cancer diagnosis and their comparison.

Maddheshiya, Sanjeet Kumar A study on ultrasound based transdermal drug delivery system.

online thesis nit rourkela

Mishra, Asim Kumar Finite element large amplitude free flexural vibration analysis of isotropic plates. Datta, Suprabeet Modelling critical gaps for U-turn vehicles at median openings under Indian mixed traffic conditions.

Sahu, Sangeeta Image registration techniques for medical images. Nag, Arpit and Panda, Satyajit Study on carbonization of nonwoody biomass species.

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Nath, Amar Implementation of enterprise applications based on service oriented architecture. Ghosal, Samik Densification and mechanical characterization of pure and doped hydroxyapatite.

online thesis nit rourkela

WasimKhan Rehan Slip flow in microchannels. Goudhaman, J Experimental investigation of hot machining process of high manganese steel using SNMG carbide inserts by design of experiments using taguchi method. Singh, Praveen Kumar and Arya, Kapil Control and designing of the DC motor drive using p-i controllers with the help of matlab simulation. Moka, Vijay Krishna Estimation of calorific value of biomass from its elementary components by regression analysis.


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Yadav, P K A study of saw-cut shear strength. Saxena, Ajay and Rout, Abhinandan The study of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite-chitosan composite coatings on stainless steel by electrophoretic deposition method.

Khan, Imran Design of dielectric resonator antenna arrays for wireless applications. Singh, D Ocular impants: Choudhary, Sundeep Some properties of flyash for mine backfilling.

Singh, V K Adsorptive removal of safranin dye using low cost adsorbent. Jyothi, Kondala Rao Efficient adaptive strategies over distributed networks. Mishra, Upasana Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application. Mohanty, Biswaranjan Development of experiments on vacuum technology. Shankar, A Wide-area controller design for two area power systems using robust onlinee.

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