Are you still in IIM Ahmedabad? If management is about doing the right things, then I believe enrolling at IIM Rohtak was one such right decison. Ask people who have just been placed. Very Sarkari 8 Fresher girls get placed fast and easily so. Somehow most speakers are made to believe that they are really wanted.

It is one of the biggest things to be not only at NM but also in Mumbai. Answered Aug 4, What are the qualities necessary to get into IIM Ahmedabad? I can confidently claim that PGP course has given me more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career, and my life. Paras Doshi 7 years Thank you for getting it out as a blog post!

pagalguy case study iim

There is a severe crunch of quality faculty across IIMs. Ahuja keeps you on toes to be well prepared before you attend the class. Nevertheless, nice to know. That guys in most IIMs are desperate is an understatement.

Pagalguy Case study | Beating GMAT & Beyond

Follow them, network with them and make them happy. More importantly, IIM Rohtak paved a way to network with the best of the brains. Good professors will make you pay for it. The curriculum, though rigorous, brought out the best in me and unearthed my leadership qualities. There is always a question on how qualified they are.

pagalguy case study iim

The diverse peer group helped me to understand the different cultures and management practices. Thank you IIM Rohtak.


Pagalguy Case study

This “leading ppl” is smthing he wld have used in interviews to sail through…everyone knows kim are more than 50 ppl involved in any fest to manage not kim ppl. Siddharth 8 years Anil, Sanyam and Akash, could you please demarcate the positive and the negative points given in the post above.

Avik Saha 8 years Like it! The focus of the programme is on general management orientation and practical knowledge with an emphasis on inculcating exemplary leadership in challenging managerial situations.

But the good news is that L is almost there and I,K are catching up fast. At IIMs I see myself a transformed individual with an instilled vision and mission to embark on a new journey with new motive.

The probability of it being an exactly round number is less than the probability of getting into McKinsey….

Two years at IIM Rohtak has been a value-add for me like none other. Quality Analyst, Orbit Technologies. I am professionally and personally benefiting a lot from EPGPx programme. I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM. Someone will always complain.

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What are the qualities pagalguuy to get into IIM Ahmedabad? In my view, in terms of research and faculty base, it is much ahead of the few established IIMs.


pagalguy case study iim

Each and every point is bang on target. If there are so many flaws within the system which you believe you have identified correctly I wonder why you completed our MBA in the first place. A major academic objective of IIM Rohtak is to actively promote professional development of practicing managers, through well designed and delivered Management Development Programmes MDPs.

What is the worst thing to be in IIM Ahmedabad?

50 Things You Must Know About IIM

Ask people who have just been placed. He is the founder of this website and his last bit of corporate slavery was with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Other posts from this author you may want to read: We do an MBA because we are simply clueless in life. Is everyone in IIM Ahmedabad normal? Double thumbs up to pagalguy. I can confidently claim that PGP course has given ijm more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career, and my life.

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