During each discussion session except the first week , your TA will administer a short quiz usually about minutes in length based on the material covered in the previous week’s lectures and homeworks, including homework due at the beginning of the current week. The prelectures are web-based multimedia learning activities that include embedded questions. If you cannot attend your regular discussion section on a particular week due to an Excused conflict, contact your discussion TA at least a week before your conflict. Online math courses at UIUC. The student can make up the work i. It is sometimes possible to attend an alternate section on these occasions.

These sections will be active learning sessions in which you will work in small groups solving problems presented to you by your TA. The understanding of new topics will frequently require knowledge of previous material. This penalty can have severe consequences. Laboratory experiments are set up on Monday morning and are taken down after the last lab section on Friday evening. Labs and quizzes are integral to the course. To start work on a homework assignment, go to smartPhysics. A midterm exam review session will be held the day before the midterm.

We have the biggest Greek system on campus so I guess there must be a few copies around.

PHYSICS Solutions

To receive full credit, the homework must be completed by the date indicated on the assignments page usually 8 am on the Tuesday, and on the Thursday of the week of the midterm or if Monday was a holiday –look at the Syllabus.

The breakdown of total points versus course letter grade will be approximately: These assignments are made before each lecture, but there are no ‘points’ for submitting a question it’s for your own benefit! Consequently, high homework and lab grades will not compensate for low examination grades.


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Now I miss Kam’s A conflict exam will be given at 5: The most updated version of the lectures including answers to ACTs pnysics be available on the syllabus after all homewofk on a given day are given. It definitely helped me when I was taking a class and had at least a sample of what to expect on an exam; although I will admit that I did this for math not physics. In addition, at the beginning of each lab, you are expected to turn in your Prelab, a short set of questions designed to address the main topics of the lab.

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I don’t know if you are in a sorority or if sororities do this but frats most certainly keep a little database for all classes as study aids. Students are expected to solve the homework problems, not copy them from someone else, or some other resource.

See Article 3, part 1 of the Student Code.

Exams are machine graded and consist of multiple-choice questions scored as follows:. An email will be sent out with the time and place. Labs and quizzes are integral to the course.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

Absence from a graded course component is defined to be the receipt of zero in the gradebook due to non-attendance or non-participation, e. The total possible score is points, broken down as follows:. However frats do take it one step further Last edited by a moderator: To be granted access to undergraduate physics resources at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, go to this website: It is course policy that late arrivals may not be permitted to take the quiz.


The prelectures are web-based multimedia learning activities that include embedded questions. The solutions to these problems will be posted online see link off the course homepage at the end of each week.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

In addition, bring your official university identification card to show upon request. Infractions include, but are not limited to: You will be assigned a room for the exam based on your discussion section, and attendance will be taken by your discussion TA. On five-choice multiple choice questions there is a partial credit option. We still want to retain the feature that you can ask questions or make comments on confusing issues from the previous lecture.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

Each week starting the first you will attend a two-hour discussion section conducted by a TA. As discussed above, the course grade is determined by performance on several graded course components lecture, homework, quiz, lab, midterm and final exams.

PHYS 213 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In fairness to the entire class, students found guilty of inappropriate conduct will incur consequences according to the infraction, including receiving a zero on the exam, an F in the course, etc. A midterm exam review session will be held the day before the midterm. On the other hand, you can seriously lower your grade if you have low homework and lab grades.

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