All 4 lab scores will be used in calculating your lab total at the end of the semester. The prelectures are web-based multimedia learning activities that include embedded questions. To start work on a homework assignment, go to smartPhysics. It is sometimes possible to attend an alternate section on these occasions. There are two kinds of excuses:.

The student can make up the work i. If you need to miss a lab experiment, consult your laboratory instructor as soon as possible. Since most students in this course work conscientiously, scores on smartPhysics homework assignments will be very high. Exams are machine graded and consist of multiple-choice questions scored as follows:. To give you an indication of your standing during the semester, you will be given re-normalized curved scores for the midterm exam. Credit for Physics and credit or concurrent registration in Math are prerequisites for Physics Excused absences from graded course components will receive an EX grade.

Last edited by a moderator: As discussed above, the course grade is determined by performance on several graded course components lecture, homework, quiz, lab, midterm and final exams.

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The purpose is to help you understand; your participation is necessary for this to occur. We will go through examples and ACTs which are not available in the published lecture notes, and the lecture discussion will elaborate on the material published in the lecture notes, using a number of nice demonstrations.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

During the semester, you should check that your lab and quiz grades are correctly entered in the gradebook; any problems here should be brought to the attention of your section instructor immediately. The real payoff for struggling with and doing well on the homeworks and the labs is a better understanding of the physics and, consequently, higher examination scores.


All jiuc lab scores will be used in calculating your lab total at the end of the semester. If you mark hoework answers, one of which is the correct answer to the question, you will receive 3 points for the question.

physicss Started by Wrichik Basu May 3, Replies: Much of the learning of any new topic comes from struggling to figure out problems.

This will require a note from the undergraduate office. Full attendance is expected.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

Related Academic Guidance News on Phys. Thanks, that’ll be useful for next semester! My opinion is if a professor doesn’t want to devote the time to come up with new problems, then it’s on him: Here is a list of the classes: Note that the lecture slides may be modified somewhat from the published notes due to the necessity for making corrections, correcting typographical errors, etc.

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Consequently, high homework and lab grades will not compensate for low examination grades. A midterm exam review session will be held the day before the midterm.

In addition to the traditional presentation of lecture and demonstration material, each lecture will involve a few interactive learning sessions we call them ACTs. Credit for Physics and credit or concurrent registration in Math are prerequisites for Physics Scores used in this calculation will be adjusted to compensate for grading differences among lab section instructors.


No lab scores will be dropped. Second try in journal article submissions? This must be arranged with the course director.

physics 213 uiuc homework answers

Each week starting the first you will attend a two-hour discussion section conducted by a TA. You will be able to view your grades on all components of the course using the course gradebook. Online math courses at UIUC. The Lecture notes will be available at TIS.

Started by nomadreid Mar 15, Replies: A conflict exam will be given at 5: These assignments are graded and are an important part of the course. The total possible score is points, broken down as follows:.

In order to reduce the incidence of inappropriate conduct during exams, we reserve the right to employ a variety of methods, including photographing the exam rooms, performing statistical analyses on exams, controlling the seating arrangements during the exams, etc.

Your final grade for Physics will be based upon your total score on all the components of the course. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign If you have questions about this page, please e-mail Sandra Johnson sdjhnsn illinois.

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