For example checking that I have not made any arithmetical errors is not an option, it is a compulsory best practice task. For example, Surveying Safely was written in , but has, to a certain extent, been overtaken by subsequent legislation, such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations The keyholder is giving you a gold key. The topic of your Case Study must not be older than 24 months by the time you submit your documents for final assessment or preliminary review if applicable. In other words, knowledge of the information-gathering process that underpins competence.

The Case Study is a big part of your Final Assessment. The keyholder is giving you a gold key. Candidates should set up study groups and with modern technology it is very easy to undertake revision sessions and practice firing questions at each other. A professional is not expected to guess when unsure of their knowledge of a particular topic. A top tip is to focus on the inspection for the case study, as this inspection is likely to be probed more fully. Small low-profile projects attract the same challenges that major projects and require the same set of skills.

Some candidates will have limited direct experience, whether they have always worked with one form of contract or delivering projects that are quite similar. Selecting your key issue […] Like Like Reply. Choosing a case study is probably the most important decisions during the APC.

rics apc case study example

Ask at least 10 people try and make sure 3 of them are not surveyors to read it over for you and comment, well before the submission deadline. As an assessor you see a wide variety of case studies, supporting information, presentations and interviews.

If a candidate is not this fortunate then the RICS and other practices organise networking events for other professionals, which is a great way to meet others in a similar situation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Integrated core services Building Surveying.


Case Study – Part 1: Selecting your key issue. « APC Tips

Please be aware that this post is not an official RICS guidance. Once you have gathered your list of potential key issues, review them asking yourselves these questions. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress. It is imperative syudy candidates to stay up to date on health and safety by regularly looking at the HSE website.

Health and safety as a mandatory competency has significant crossover with inspection and assessors often take the opportunity to test two competencies at once, since they only have one hour to test around seven technical competencies depending on the pathway and 10 mandatory competencies.

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Small low-profile projects attract the same challenges that major projects and require the same set of skills. The candidate must describe the format of the advice given, what the advice was, the reasons for that advice and what the client did with it. For example, Surveying Safely was written inbut has, to a certain extent, been overtaken by subsequent legislation, such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations Groups can also motivate each other and provide encouragement on those dark weekends spent inside reading up on condition surveys or feasibility studies.

A candidate is not expected to know everything in their chosen pathway. Which projects did I work on over the last 24 months? Very often, it is the circumstances that made a relatively standard task a challenge for the candidate to overcome.


Hopefully you will have kept a notebook and you can easily go through your notes to refresh your memory. You also have the opportunity to store the latest copy of your case study file in Word or similar.

rics apc case study example

The case study should be a project that demonstrates where the candidate has been challenged, syudy through this, used skills applicable to their pathway to resolve the issues. At level 2, candidates need to demonstrate, with reference to specific examples, experience of undertaking inspections to gather information for various purposes. If an assessor knows a candidate is doing this they delve deeper to see at what point the candidate corrects themselves.

RICS APC – Delivering in Your Final Assessment

Notify me of new comments via email. Most candidates select two keys issues because it enables them to demonstrate a broader breath of experience while being able to analyse their options and choices in details.

Discuss it with your supervisor and counsellor each step of the way. Therefore it would be prudent for the candidate to look at their list of experience and ask themselves the question; am I an expert in this? Alternatively, we offer face-to-face training for corporate clients across the UK.

If a candidate does not know the answer then they should be honest and identify what steps they would take to obtain the answer. This post will focus on the first stage: May 7, at 7:

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