Editorial manager system is an online manuscript submission, review and tracking system. Being dynamic is closely related to the competence in translating. Culture has broken through its classical demarcation and has moved into its new frontier of political and economical functions. The research was conducted by Junita RS. The adjustment can be done by absorptions, modifications, spelling rules, and pronunciation in the TL. It means the foreign lexical items that consist in Indonesian dictionary; it is categorized as a borrowing on lexicon rank.

It is a singular. The word primula in the SL and TL are categorized as a common noun. The journal was initiated to encourage the research in the field of health sciences and medicine. This is an interesting topic to be discussed because there are two different languages between the SL and the TL. Therefore, the word was taken directly into the TL. Research and development of technology in the field of agriculture that supports food security needs to get attention so that these developments can be accessed by all communities.

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A Raka Sudewi, Sp. Made Sudiana Mahendra, Ph. The suffix — y has a meaning characterized of something.

The patterns that can be labelled diminutive are various. Take it from Papa Poirot. There he taught the people some languages was translated into He went up to Jerusalem.


Double consonant One consonant actress p. Pedoman Penelitian Pemakaian BI. But little did I think when and TL: No SL TL 1 technical p. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The suffix —ic in the word acrobatic is attached to foreign bases.

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I go to all mysteries on the TL: Bex nodded, Christie, teriakku. Suffix —ate Suffix —asi concentrate p. Christie, setelah para fotografer selesai In this theiss, the pronunciation of the words Russian were modified and the spelling system was changed.

The words politik and teater in the TL are categorized as a noun. However, once the values extracted from the body of culture into a sets of values of belief or economic status, it would certainly transform itself into an independent individual nature. It is a noun phrase.

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Analisisnya terfokus pada teknik — teknik peminjaman dalam mengalihkan unsur asing ke dalam bahasa Indonesia pada majalah cetak. The word shock is not available in the Indonesian dictionary. The words both do not begin with a capital letter.

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Therefore, there is no adjustment of spelling to the word Maman in the TL. The word junior is commonly used in the Indonesian culture. The weak point of the study is that it did not discuss all aspects of undu structure. There are some strong points in this study: Moreover, the translator should understand the cultural background of the SL and the TL; hence, their translation may be acceptable in the TL.


s2 thesis unud

The form in the TL are keeping the form and changing the form. The word pound is fhesis shared in KBBI. In this case, the data merely described and classified based on the borrowing types proposed by Molina and Albir There are many terms which are absorbed are acceptable as long as they obey the EYD. The word film in the SL has the same form as the word film in the Unhd.

s2 thesis unud

The meaning of the word harem in the SL is equivalent to the word harem in the TL. It is cultivated in order to use the spelling system as needed.

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