Please contact us at gradapplications cs. U of T graduates are not required to purchase an official transcript of their academic record at this institution. SGS also offers workshops to help with the logistical aspects of writing a dissertation and writing groups for students to help one another. The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows:. A major research paper demonstrating the student’s ability to do independent work in organizing existing concepts and in suggesting and developing new approaches to solving problems in a research area. Your statement of purpose is your opportunity to tell us who you are and why you are an exceptional candidate. In circumstances where scores expire shortly after the application deadline, applicants may receive a conditional offer, dependent on retaking the test prior to the start of the fall session.

Applicants should explain why they think that their professional development activities or work experiences should be viewed as equivalent to academic work conducted at a university. What is the program format? Publishing Page Content 1. Departmental Awards, which are made available annually in early fall, often consider financial need. Groups of ten graduate students, with the support of a Learning Strategist and graduate mentor, provide a small, informal and encouraging atmosphere for you to focus on your work and discuss your writing goals.

See Sample of Title Page below. The best applications are then sent to faculty members in each applicant’s univrrsity area s for additional comments. The standard for this paper is that it could reasonably be submitted for peer-reviewed publication. Learning Strategies Offer a variety of services for graduate students including workshops pertaining to learning, writing, and research skills at the graduate level.

MSc and PhD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

George and 65 St. It’s been several years since I completed an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related discipline computer engineering, mathematics. It is also a good idea to keep your statement of purpose and references relevant and up to date. When I am required to pay my tuition and fees? Also, note that course grades are only one component of an application. Can I apply as a mature student?


Once the application is submitted, applicants can view the application and confirm that torontk their documents have been uploaded.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

A portion from three of those installments goes towards paying a portion of your fees in September, January and May.

At minimum, prospective students should consider advanced undergraduate courses, equivalent to CSC H1: The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file: Students in the direct tyesis PhD must complete eight 8 courses, satisfying breadth in four 4 Research Areas and three 3 Methodologies. Oc more information and register. Will continuing studies courses be considered? Interest then accrues on the 15 th of each month starting in October.

The student must have completed all course and breadth requirements, and have their thesis topic approved at a PhD supervisory committee meeting, within 36 months to achieve candidacy.

Choose referees who know your work well and upon whom you can rely. Individual consultations are also available by appointment. The research must constitute a significant and original contribution to computer science.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

Students applying to graduate school are expected to have well developed interests and these interests should be communicated clearly in the statement of purpose. These awards are for students who are out of the funding cohort but need a little more time to complete their programs about 1 term for MSc students and less than 2 years for PhD students. How to Cite Sources Citation and style guides. Feel free to name the faculty member s you are eager to work with in your statement of purpose.


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Producing Your Thesis

We can also be reached by email zgs gradapplications cs. We can be reached by phone at Some awards go torojto to your student account and towards fees, other awards go directly to your bank account in which case you will have to make payment through your bank.

Which industries is the department affiliated with? This is typically the initial meeting with the supervisory committee and is referred to as the qualifying oral examination.

Thesis Forms

We do not have an admission round for January In Division I Humanitiespermission may be given for a thesis to be written in a language other than English or French when the language has been approved for use in a thesis by the graduate unit concerned. Please understand that we cannot provide specific advice about your application or universiry feedback on a refused application. When is my English test score due? MSc students must satisfy breadth in 3 different Methodologies of Computer Science and PhD students must satisfy breadth in 4 different Research Areas of Computer Science direct entry PhD students must satisfy breadth in 3 different Methodologies and 4 different Research Areas.

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