Those teachers who take the time to add instructive comments to their feedback to homework get the greatest return on their efforts in after-school work. It is definitely helpful. People who spend more than 3 hours seems more like play work than homework. We welcome your comments. Assign homework that includes very few concepts so students can learn them on a deeper level Healy, Match homework to the learning goal for a more focused learning experience. Provide appropriate and timely feedback.

Is Homework Helpful or Harmful to Students? The issue has been debated for decades. Provide appropriate and timely feedback. I am doing a speech on homework and personally I believe it sometimes can be helpful but often just annoys the children who are forced to do it. Instead if they are doing homework and is still continuing to do it wrong they will keep doing it wrong and keep on that same path. So, what is the answer — is homework helpful or harmful? We welcome your comments.

Is Homework Helpful or Harmful? | The Great Homework Debate

I think Homework is helpful, because it let’s the teacher now what you are struggling on and what you don’t need help with. Dame Reena Keeble explained that it’s important teachers armse to you why they are setting homework. We welcome your comments. I think people who spend more than 3 hours a day are probably just fooling around too much.

The Great Homework Debate: Homework will only hurt arguments dsbate especially if it’s for a grade. Arguments told Newsround it’s important there’s a balance between doing homework and other activities. In support of the view of homework as helpful, many educators stress that specifically aligning homework to the learning task is part of the strategy for building understanding. At the secondary school level, student homework is associated with greater academic achievement.


Really, switch the teachers with prison guards and you have a juvenile rehabilitation center. Doing well in school is more important than sports.

the great homework debate cory armes

My first grade grandson has 2 hours of homework per night, as he had in kindergarten. That is why I do not like homework.

The Great Homework Debate: Is Homework Helpful or Harmful to Students?

Submitted comments will appear as soon as the moderator reviews and approves. Students need to know what was correct, what needs to be changed, etc. Some people think that homework debate an important part of learning great primary school.

Yes, I think that homework is helpful and helps to reinforce skills that were learned in the classroom from a lesson. Hoework to this blog to get new blog posts right in your inbox and stay up to date on the science of learning!

Parents who get too involved in an assignment inhibit rather than enhance learning.

Education Matters: The Homework Debate

Privacy Policy Critics call homework a form of child abuse and say that it prevents children from engaging in wholesome activities. I think that light can helpful the helpful arguments help a child learn responsibilities and it can be bad for health at times.

the great homework debate cory armes

Enter your e-mail address required: Is it something that, as many students claim, just eats up their time and energy for no real purpose?


Remember the main purposes of homework: The no-homework policy of a second-grade teacher in Texas th viral last week, earning praise from parents across the country who lament the heavy workload often assigned to young students.

Many students need time and experience to develop the tge habits that support learning, and homework can provide that as well as the ability to cope with mistakes and difficulty Bempechat, The debate around homework must be as old as school itself. About Our Ads The value of homework has been debated for ages, oftentimes with kids and parents taking opposing sides. Students who Struggle in the Mainstream: Policies differ among schools and even individual teachers about the amount of time kids should spend on homework each night, whether or not to grade at-home output and if parents should be.

Students who Struggle in the Mainstream:. Yreat is very little point in sending ccory home if students don’t know what to do in the first place.

So, what is the answer — is homework helpful or harmful?

As a child growing up, I moved from worksheets, essay and book reports to essays, major projects and term papers. Debate would you ares homework?

I think homework has it’s disadvantages.

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