Without the existence of the date palm, expansion of human race into the hot and barren part of the ancient world would have been much more restricted. The moisture was found maximum in cv. Studies on the physiochemical characteristics of five date fruit cultivars grown in the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, the shelf life of this fruit is longer than the fruit of the same variety in the rest of district. The astringency percentage was found maximum in cv.

Ten strands from J. Fruit thinning experiments with the Medjhool and Barhee varieties of dates. Studies on some distinguishing characters of Iraqi dates at Jhang. In Tamr stage total sugar contents in both cultivars were same Whereas, silicified seeds or mineralized date stones of B.

thesis dhakki dates

Some of them described by Zaid et al. Color of T 3 was comparatively attractive during storage period at ambient temperature. Date growing in the old world and the new. Seed weight g of six date cultivars at different maturity stages. At early khalal stage, rain does not cause any damage and even may have a beneficial effect by washing dirt and dust [11]. There are more than varieties of dates in Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan and this is the biodiversity centre of dates Markhand and Abul Soad, and Mahar, The experiment was laid out in split plot design having varieties as main factor while maturity stages as sub-factor.


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Studies of some characters of important varieties of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Rhakki case of stages, Rutab stage excelled in this character 2. Polyphenol oxidase of dates. Journal of Stored Products Research, 28, 89— Use of heat for disinfestation and control of insects in dates: Fruit yield of different dates cultivars at full maturity.

The term Phoenix dactylifera L. It shows that a decrease in moisture or water fruits most probably resulted from collapsing of the contents results in more concentrated fruits TSS. These results are in close association with findings of Ghaffar 15 and Iqbal The fruits ripened Data regarding total soluble solids are presented in by the control treatment showed a uniform softness Rates 4. Similar results were observed by Muhammad et al.

Pubmed Crossref Others 7.

thesis dhakki dates

These results are in close association with findings of Ghaffar 15 and Iqbal Average fruit weight g and pulp were chloride treatments and that no matter whether the salt recorded by averaging weight of the ripened seed-free was employed alone or in combination with acetic acid, fruits. The objective of this study was to determine the physio-chemical composition of date cultivars at various maturity stages in Dera Ismail Khan.

They threw date seeds at camping places during wars from which date palm dhxkki and flourished in the Indus valley. The samples were presented to 9 members. In case of interaction maximum fruit acidity 1. The decrease during total period of storage might be due to increase in acidity and can also be contributed to some other chemical reactions.


Physicochemical and Sensory Evaluation of Dhakki Dates Candy

These results support the findings of Abdessalam et al. Khan 19 and Rehman and Wazir 23 recorded maximum fruit length 4.

thesis dhakki dates

With the start present study is therefore aimed at investigating the of Chashma Right Bank Canal the climate of Dera prospects of using table salt and acetic acid as ripening Ismail Khan is ever changing and unpredictable. Samani and Zaghloul date dhakoi cultivars Phoenix dactylifera L.

Date Palm Number 33 4: Fruit non-reducing sugar percentage of six date cultivars at different maturity stages. The wood and leaves provide timber and fabric for houses and fences.

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Livestock Economic WingIslamabad, p. These results support the findings of Myhara et al. Ripening of Khasab dates by NaCl and acetic acid.

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