As a public crime, the acts of violence defined by the Anti-VAWC Act specifically include abuses common to victim-survivors of domestic violence, in addition to those that can be found in the Revised Penal Code. Limitations of RA Thus, if the laws in Muntinlupa are enforced down to the Barangay level, the people will be more careful to abide with it in order to avoid imprisonment and penalties. This serves as an eye-opener for them and be fully aware of the existing laws and support groups who are helping the victim of violence. Non-Government Agencies and Private Institutions.

Truly, the City Government of Muntinlupa is holding to its vision that declares: Eventually, this can affect other families since we live as a community. Furthermore, the researchers recommend future researchers to increase the number of respondents to a higher variable to make findings more significant. The respondents were 96 women who were selected through purposive sampling with the inclusion criteria that they must be at least 16 years old and living with a partner. I can file a VAWC case against my boyfriend who threatens to kill me if 5 4 3 2 1 I break up with him.

Additionally, since the term pornography refers to a whole range of explicit content, including homosexual adult pornography, it cannot be argued that all pornography objectifies women or glamorises rs treatment of them. Furthermore, it is the investigation of something for the purpose of answering questions posed by the 962. The Violence against women and children is an unacceptable violation of human rights.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Punishment depends on the gravity of the offense which is based on: Interviews are a standard part of this research study because this would help the researchers know more about the Anti-VAWC law as regards the Crime Rates on the Violence against Rs and Children, Number of Cases filed related to Violence against Women and Children and Number of Convictions related to Violence against Women and Children which are essential factors to strongly prove the claim of this research study.


Interview Transcript with the Barangay Chairwoman of Brgy.

Copy of Thesis Proposal Presentation by Maria Josefina Sanchez on Prezi

Data Gathering Procedures The researchers first researched on relevant information thesus the Anti- VAWC law of both local and multi-national settings through articles from news articles, law books, journals and internet sites. The researchers, however, did not conceptualize this research to study thseis changes brought upon by the enactment of the law or to find who is to be blamed if there is poor implementation.

Problems were pointed out and solutions were suggested on how women and children can easily grasp the ways on how to protect themselves. In relation to the research study, the knowledge of the public as thesiw to RA is not thorough. Hence, no one will pour out millions of pesos as investments in a turbulent and peacefully challenged city. On the other hand, some women are shy and not empowered to file VAWC cases because this would hurt the reputation of their families and they do not want others to know to that they have been violated or abused.

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Some of these tools are questionnaires, interviews, research and analysis used by the researchers as they conduct the proposed study. Likert Scale was used in which responses are scored along a range. On February 16,House Bill No. Many questions popped out of the minds of the researchers thesid A good law enforcement professional should 2962 driven by a strong and sincere motivation to help better other peoples’ lives and situations, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and make a positive difference in the world be it large or small.

thesis ra 9262

With power comes the need to control to retain that power. Tbesis State also recognizes the need to protect the family and its members particularly women and children, from violence and threats to their personal safety and security IRR of R. The crime of violence against women and children shall be punished according to the rules provided under the Revised Penal Code.


Women’s Awareness on the Law on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children

Generally, the Operational Procedure of R. Amy Sutton of livestrong. Women are also put to blame as the cause of their own misery.

yhesis Law enforcement officers must be able to think quickly and act decisively while simultaneously uploading the law. Let us be reminded that our study is taking its respondents from the barangay level where it can be understood that mostly ta be coming from college level respondents since a degree holder would be considering high paying job or in the industry where they are fitted.

Number of Convictions filed to Violence against Women and Children There are no convictions related to Violence against Women and Children for there was not a single case filed to effect such. At the start, the researchers would want to know how effective this law has been for the past ten years.

Frequency Count and Percentage. It also refers to the women and children victims of VAWC. I know that VAWC is not committed by men alone. Organized a city-wide contest for a VAWC-free or GAD model community to ensure sustainability of the impact of rs program to the community.

In silence, countless women endure many forms of violence for the sake of their children and their families. For American police, retention of the ‘servant’ mindset is more critical than that of the ‘warrior’ mindset.

thesis ra 9262

More particularly, this research study aims to answer the following questions: SALIGAN seeks to effect societal change by working towards the empowerment of women, the basic sectors, and local communities through the creative use of the law and legal resources.

Towards a Citizen-Driven Justice System:

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