The University of Eastern Finland and many research institutes have publication series that publish doctoral dissertations. Major studies module will be graded on the scale based on the weighed average of the completed major courses. The list is sorted alfabetically by the author name s , or if absent, by name of the publication. As of 1st August onward the procedure of the maturity test concerning the students of our international master’s programmes has been changed. Monday I confirmed with Kopijyva for printing the book, Thursday, I got them in the office.

For more information, see the faculty website. Master’s Thesis, Maturity Test and Graduation Master’s Thesis The Master’s thesis is a student’s individual but guided research project in written format. If the idea is longer, the reference should be placed before the idea – still not in the beginning of the sentence. The reason is to find a basis for communication with the superviser, and for the final agreement and definition of the goals. The written presentation must enable readers that do not have special expertise in your field to understand the text, but on the other hand, you should avoid the extensive and unnecessary explanation of topics that are familiar to the reader. Make sure that you participate actively, present the requited three papers on your thesis, and act twice as an opponent. We ask you kindly to enrol to the graduation ceremony by completing the form by 28 May

The superviser provides necessary literature references to get the work started.

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The doctoral student or the editor depending on the faculty requests an ISBN code for templqte dissertation from by using the web-form.

After then, the reviewer wrote the statement, which recommend the faculty to give permission for printing my thesis.


Students must include an abstract to the thesis 1 page. UEF Doctoral School instructions for publishing dissertations UEF publication series in Heimo, login required Instructions for publishing dissertations in the field of Forest Science The Finnish Society of Forest Science and Dissertation Forestales distribution guidelines For the publications, each faculty has layout templates of their own.

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After receiving the publication permission, the student signs a publication contract with the editor-in-chief. Maturity Test As of 1st August onward the procedure of the maturity test concerning the students of our international master’s programmes has been changed. Computing as a Discipline. Page number of Introduction is 1.

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Pre-story before my defense. Save the text in the. Submit your thesis to Turnitin plagiarism check AND 2. This may happen by inspecting some special situations, logical consequences, or showing simple exaples. I learned how to carry out experiments with accuracy, analyse the results and draw conclusions.

uef thesis template

The words intended to make reading easier shall not be replased by the respective mathematical symbols. Send the thesis to editor Pertti Pasanen. List of references always starts on a new page. Instructions for opponent Publishing and printing the doctoral dissertation The University of Eastern Finland has five publication series.

Publishing of doctoral dissertations

If a person other that a professor, associate professor or assistant professor Tenure Track in the Faculty is proposed as the main supervisor for a doctoral dissertation, his or her up-to-date list of publications must accompany the tenplate. A part of scientific presentation is the use thesls references. Please note that the master’s thesis seminars always begin in the autumn semester, regularly in September.

The University of Eastern Finland and many research centres have publications series, which publish doctoral dissertations. The student does not need to submit a separate application for a permission for the thesis defence. After registering, and after the start of the seminar meetings, you will be instructed on how to get access to the moodle page of the seminar. Interested in a PhD training programme in geophysics preferably in the areas of exploration geophysics; seismic wave propagation, seismic imaging, seismic inversion, rock physics and seismic processing where my creative initiative, ideas and a genuine enthusiasm would allow me to progress.


The degree certificate application form shall be returned to Study Secretary Taru Nylund, room G Technopolis building, Kuopio campus, taru. The Dean shall appoint a custos to represent the University at the public examination.

Master’s thesis and graduation

Thesis templates both latex and word can be found here: List of references is ment to give the reader all relevant information to identify the original publication. Reprint permissions – template document.

Press release For the purposes of the press release to the media, you should write a short and clear description of thezis dissertation.

uef thesis template

The student will receive a written evaluation. When uf topic and materials are mastered well enough, the extent of each part of the work can be defined.

The layout templates have readily defined styles for headings, sub-headings, body text, and tables. Copies of the dissertation are sent to the opponent and the Custos well before the public examination.

Abstract blanco for download.

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