What do we make of American experiences that contradict popular ideas of what it means to exist in America? Foundations and Departures in Creative Writing: We had grad and undergrad students among the presenters. Subhalakshmi Gooptu American literature written by and about ethnic minorities, from the earliest immigrants through the cultural representations in modern American writing. From Syracuse to Syria” addressed how scholars within English Studies can work toward justice.

At least two 2 Writing electives from the A, B, or C categories. Hey–go out and support grad student Haley Cotter at the 3 Minute Th We had grad and undergrad students among the presenters. In looking at a wide range literary, visual, and filmic texts that span across different historical periods, geographical and cultural contexts, this course examines some of the coordinates along which femininity and masculinity , notions of sexuality, and desire can be traced. What are the rules of fiction and how does some of the freshest, most challenging work break them all? Further, can the theory help explain how such stories envision the perils of the future in ways that inadvertently comment on our current times?

umass amherst creative writing specialization

In this class, we will use the premise of the happy accident to guide our writing practice. Assignments include both analytical and creative writing. Non-majors, Five College area students, and other students may contact the professor for permission to enroll.

Creative Writing Specialization

Juniper Institute for Young Writers. All work, whether student-written or highly acclaimed, participates in a conversation with the form.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

This course helps you pave the way to a valuable post-graduate experience–be it a program, internship, or job. Your students can take it at the un The idea of writer as architect will guide our classroom discourse, lending to us a sense of agency as we build from our own foundations. English C Honors Thesis Seminar: Assignments will include three reading responses and a final project.

Our Scholarly Programs further this mission through gathering advanced scholars to work collaboratively around specific What are scholarly and popular understandings about what Writing is or can do in the world? Registration after speciallization date is possible, but priority will be given to students who apply this semester for the fall.


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Through study of the longstanding intimacies between art and geopolitics, this course specializatioon offer you some answers and some ways of thinking about the question. We will focus on issues of argument, evidence, and style, and students will plan, draft, workshop, and revise essays and other writing assignments, as well as keeping a reading journal throughout the semester.

David Fleming The Integrative Experience IE at UMass Amherst is a required, upper-division course that asks students to reflect on all their learning in college, from their major to their General Education courses to their electives and extracurricular experiences; to further practice key “Gen Ed” objectives, such as oral communication, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary perspective-taking; and to apply what they’ve learned at UMass to new situations, challenging questions, and real world problems.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

We will heighten our focus toward elements of space, time, and style within a given text. And it was a profound influence on Jorge Luis Borges. What are the rules of fiction and how does some of the freshest, most challenging work break them all?

In this course we will read a variety of traditional and non-traditional short fiction, memoir, non-fiction, mixed-media and fables as a way of exploring narrative form, dialogue, pacing and more. Critical race scholars have argued that, at times, writing conventions may obscure race, hinder our ability to write against racism, and even foster racial injury.

Students will amass a large quantity of creative work over the course of the semester, and take part in regular workshops to revise that work into a small, polished portfolio of writing in poetry and prose.

The Study and Practice of Writing

It inspired Seamus Heaney’s North as well as his Beowulf. English JI Going to Jail: Meanwhile, the amherts system had deeply entrenched itself and sought to expand its reach, while growing numbers of black and white activists sought to abolish or at least limit it.


In particular, we will study the relationship between race and literature in the United States, investigating how racial identities and differences have been historically in flux. This course invites you to experience the study of literature as a contemplative specializatin, which means cultivating awareness through reading, thinking, and writing.

I will be an inhabitant of the world, in spite of the world. Traditional music, opera, ballads, jazz, classical, pop, and contemporary music; the musical influences are wide. This project was funded through a grant by the National Writing Project. Through close reading and discussion, the students will gain an understanding and appreciation of works of fiction and.

You will become well practiced in close reading as we consider how individual words and phrases open onto urgent questions about the changing social, political, and theatrical worlds of Shakespeare’s time. What is the Romantic writer’s relationship to nature and place?

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Students must be prepared to produce original work and read assignments regularly, actively engage in discussion and provide written feedback to peers thoughtfully and with absolute respect. Is there anything uniquely feminine about these texts or is the femininity attached to these texts a product history and culture? Writing Center at UMass Amherst.

Subhalakshmi Gooptu American literature written by and sspecialization ethnic minorities, from the earliest immigrants through the cultural representations in modern American writing.

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