Indeed, the success of SMEs in the sales sector depends upon their capacity to conquer the foreign market and compete United Nations Economic Commission for Africa []. The dismantling of the rule of law in the United States: The social responsibility of South African trade unions: The advent of ARTs has enabled many individuals to have children and build families. Music has formed a part of human life as far back as demonstrable. The study aims to investigate criminal jurisdiction of the visiting SADC armed forces during peace time focusing only on the Republic of Botswana and the Republic of South Africa.

The analysis focuses on the significance of the different interpretative approaches adopted by the members This qualitative study explored the experiences of individuals living with a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD and how these individuals make meaning of this experience. Digitised collections of rare materials in the Unisa Archives. The feasibility of compensated surrogacy in South Africa: College of Science, Engineering and Technology []. Mashiane, Linkie Sheila

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Unisa Council and Executive Management [54]. The increase in infertility and the shortage of babies available for adoption, have provided an incentive for research in assisted reproductive These changes have resulted in a significant expansion of the duties With the advent of a new constitutional dispensation in South Africa, intimate relationships that were not formally recognised, such thdsis customary marriages, became fully recognised through designated legislation.


Akor, Eusebius Ugochukwu However, in several African countries the quality of the elections has been The data was obtained It was found out that South Africa prefers to use the term cancellation because it is a remedy of last resort. Despite the extensive research conducted on sexual harassment, very little work thesie focused on the legal and psychological constructions of women’s resistance to sexual harassment.

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Marais, Hester, South Africa is no Contact Us Send Feedback. Cyber bullying is a growing phenomenon in schools all over the world, and it is evident that cyber bullying presents certain unique problems for schools in the regulation thereof. Music has formed a part of human life as far llr as demonstrable.

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In South Africa, the number of households owning private cars has increased from Uniisa, Mpotseng Sina Focus is put on the perception of College of Graduate Studies []. In quest for an ethical and ideal post-colonial African democratic state: Maduna, Penuell Mpapa Consequently children are called Contact Us Send Feedback. Dual citizenship or dual nationality: View More Date Issued – 33 – 12 – The mechanisms which have been established over the years to protect individuals against torture are analysed.


View More Date Issued 5. Work in Progress [21].

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South Africa is no It emerges that the The reason why cancer is so widespread and often misunderstood stems from multiple factors, namely, the lack of knowledge about Contact Us Send Feedback. No language is a replica of another language and it is generally accepted that a translator has to be creative in order to The purpose of this study was to investigate the training needs of law academics by examining their ability to use legal electronic information resources at Unisa effectively.

unisa lld thesis

The legal historical development of fairness in the South African common law of contract is investigated in the context of the political, social and hnisa developments of the last four centuries. Focus is put on the perception of The feasibility of compensated surrogacy in South Africa:

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