Huey Tean, Kok Factors associated with delayed arteriovenous fistula maturation in chronic kidney disease patients. Hasan, Khathija Effect of sedation propofol with target controlled infusion on cognitive functions on patients undergoing operative procedures under local anaesthesia in hospital universiti sains malaysia. Usmaa And Its Characterization. Razali, Ahmad Abdul Jalil Mohd Parental stress and its associated factors among parents of autism spectrum disorder children in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Fathma Abdullah, Nurul Ain Detection on common deletional alpha thalassaemia in pregnant women by polymerase chain reaction techniques. Appadurai, Shri Kapilan Outcome of neck of femur fracture in elderly treated non operatively in Hospital Selayang.

Dasar, Pelaksanaan, Dan Kesan. Nik Yusoff, Nik Syamimi Effect of antihypertensive drugs treatment on oxidative stress in heart of N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester L-Name administered spontaneously hypertensive rat. Subki, Noor Syuhadah Environmental contamination by batik wastewater and the potential application of activated carbon from pineapple waste for wastewater treatment. Rosli, Anizah Aishah Obstetrics performance of women with prolonged inter-pregnancy interval i-pi: Kajian Kes Bayan Baru. Noor, Norhayati Mohd Characterization of hair follicle derived stem cells and keratinocytes induction following seeding on chitosan scaffold. A Quasi Longitudinal Study.

Hashim, Awatif A 0. Amrank, Fitreena Anis The jsm of P53 gene mutation with clinicopathological characteristic in breast cancer. Ghazali, Mazira Mohamad Correlations between ischaemic cerebral white matter change and the neurocognitive profiles in apparently asymptomatic individuals.

usm hbp thesis

Anuar, Nik Mohd Nurhafizi Nik Review outcomes of laparoscopic assisted colectomy compared with open colectomy in colorectal surgery at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Usmaa And Its Characterization. Jalaei, Bahram The efficacy of a computer assisted auditory training on the plasticity of the central auditory nervous system in hearing impaired children. Al Fawair, Ahmad M.

  M101J HOMEWORK 2.2

In Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia. Suleiman Albdour, Ali Abbaas The relationship between internal corporate social responsibilities, organisational commitment, and employee engagement within the banking sector in Jordan. Kuen, Wong Chee Comparison of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness, macula thickness and optic nerve head parameters in opioid dependent and normal adult.

Ng, Seok Hui Evaluation of visual electrophysiological test in obstructive sleep apnoea.

Ismail, Siti Fairuz The quality of life and factors associated with it among disabled children and adolescents registered with uem community based rehabilitation CBRDepartment of Social Welfare, Kelantan. Shafii, Nik Abdul Hafiiz N Use of traditional and complementary medicine and its associated factors among knee osteoarthritis patients in outpatient clnic, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Hussain, Jasim Mohammed Rajab Air surface temperature correlation with greenhouse gases using airs data over peninsular Malaysia. Baherin, Muhammad Faiz A survey on knowledge, attitude and thesks level of adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation among medical officers in health clinics fhesis Kelantan.

Mehrzad, Javadikouchaksaraei Role of religious nationalism in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ahmad, Anis Syarliza Quantum Device: Hasan, Hasnurul Juma’ah The effect of symphysio-fundal height measurement in detecting macrosomia and predicting shoulder dystocia in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru.

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A Grounded Theory Study. Raduan, Malek Development of support system for identification of bullet-induced sum fractures. Chuan, Wong Chien Early review of shoulder arthrodesis in brachial plexus injury.

Abu Amro, Rawia M.

usm hbp thesis

Azalee, Mastura Explorations of Kelantanese women’s experiences of crime victimisation and their perceptions on post-crime healthcare needs. Surimi During Frozen Storage.



Elgali, Amel Elduhman Dental anomalies and muscle segment homeobox 1 MSX1 gene polymorphism in non-syndromic cleft lip with or without palate children. Roze, Mohamad Noor Mohamad Prevalens dan faktor berkaitan jangkitan helmin tularan tanah dalam kalangan murid tahap satu sekolah rendah di jajahan Bachok, Kelantan. Zulkaflee, Mohd Hazim Morphometric study on knee parameters values derived from magnetic resonance imaging scan data of patients with knee injuries. Musa, Senan Faik M. Solanaceae In The Field.

Synthesis And Biological Activities.

Mohamed Fauzi, Hafizuddin Factors influencing engraftment in peripheral autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for lymphoproliferative disease patients in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Ishak, Nor Haslinda Diabetes self-care and its associated factors among elderly diabetes in the outpatient Department Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Tharmathurai, Sangeetha Quality of life and depression in patients with primary open angle glaucoma using Malay version of glaucoma quality of life 36 and Malay version geriatric depression scale 14 questionnaires. Yusoff, Asma’ Nikah Mis-Yar: Lee, Yen Lurk Identification of potential protein biomarkers from salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar typhi biofilm. Aziz, Surayah Abd Communicating Gender:

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