These structures have been called ”nuclear molecules” because of their analog to atomic molecules. Molecular analysis of the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Piriformospora indica. We found and developed X-rays as a tool to probe the outer layers of the Supernova envelope. This calibration has led to their use as standardizable candles, which led to the discovery of the dark energy. Heiling, Sven Germany Thesis title:

Molecular analysis of the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Piriformospora indica. Busch, Andre Germany Thesis title: We show that observations of these can put stringent limits on flame instabilities in delayed-detonation models, and can confirm or rule out mergers and sub-Chandrasekhar mass White Dwarfs as progenitors. Adam, Elisabeth Austria Thesis title: Thiagarajan, Devasena India Thesis title:

Four different avenues of indirect detection will be covered, including: Hoffmann, Martin Germany Thesis title: Laser-assisted methods for spatially-resolved metabolomics.

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Mohamed, Ahmed Egypt Thesis title: Advancements in the modeling of events arising from quantum chromodynamics and electroweak boson production, which are major backgrounds in searches for new physics at the LHC, are also presented. Venomics of predatory Heteroptera.

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Mazumdar, Tilottama India Thesis title: Using data from the and runs of the LHC we show the evidence for this new particle.

Lackus, Nathalie Germany Thesis title: Ezediokpu, Marycolette Nigeria Thesis title: Fabian, Benjamin Germany Thesis title: In practice, data sets for different supernovae are inhomogeneous in time, time coverage and accuracy, but I have developed a method to remap these inhomogeneous data sets of large numbers of individual objects to a homogeneous data set centered in time and magnitude space from which we can obtain the external, primary, and secondary LC theais of individual objects.


This work will show that the strong and isolated [Fe II] emission line at 1. However, the reconstructed progenitor mass distribution displays a long tail down to lower-mass objects of about 1.

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Testing a model for aposematism. Currently magnetic field effects are not included in the hydrodynamics and radiation transport of simulations of SNe Ia.

venkatesh thesis fsu

Oetama, Vincensius Surya Indonesia Thesis title: Shin, Na Ra Korea Thesis title: Consequences of intra- and inter-plant communication for tree-herbivore interactions. Fruitet, Elise France Thesis title: In the next part of the thesis, we describe a search using the Compact Muon Solenoid CMS detector for evidence of dark matter in events containing muonic lepton-jets produced in 7 TeV proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider.

No significant narrow resonance in the diphoton spectrum is observed in the mass range of — GeV. Such models require tha a GUT scale mass splitting exists amongst Higgs scalars with m2Hu 0 models tend to predict, a couple of possible improvements are surveyed.

The search is conducted using a 7 TeV proton-proton data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5. With the HSCP search covering a broad range of beyond the Standard Model physics, the lack of evidence and subsequent limits produced place important restrictions on the theoretical models that predict HSCPs.

Unlike conventional Neural Networks, the BNN model is an average over networks, which is done by integrating over a high dimensional parameter space. Show more In this work, we study the phenomenology of direct photon production using theoretical predictions at next-to-leading order with threshold resummation up to next-to-leading- logarithmic accuracy.


These late-time data are really pushing the observational limits of current ground-based telescopes in terms of a dim target and low signal-to-noise. Diversity, evolutionary history and functional characterization of plant cell wall degrading enzymes in beetles of the family Cerambycidae.

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RNA interference and insect-virus interactions. Show more Supersymmetric grand unified models based on the SO 10 gauge group are especially attractive in light of recent data on neutrino masses.

venkatesh thesis fsu

Halty, Lorena Spain Thesis title: Puckett, Emily United States Thesis title: The details of the progenitors and explosion may provide insight into the variation seen in Type Ia supernova light curves and spectra, and therefore, allow for additional methods of standardization among the group. Up until now, current observational programs commonly take snapshots at one late-time only though, technically, early time spectra are well within reach.

An embedded magnetic field, B, of the white dwarf can be determined using the evolution of the lines profiles.

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