This section took me almost exactly one hour. You dont have to find the slope or solve for X or anything of that nature. I suggest answering these questions honestly. You should familiarize yourself with the basic formulas of geometry and be able to find the radius of a circle from its circumference or the area of area of a rectangle. Math The math section, like each of the other sections, is allotted 2 hours. Yes, that sort of writing is boring and inferior Thank you so much for this!

I just finished the exam. I have a question regarding the assessments, do you have to take all the test at one time once you start or are you able to take one, one day and another the next day? I dont believe in walking into anything blind and unarmed! If you do not pass the Readiness Exam either you were severely distracted or you need to review some basic concepts before attending college. So what do you need to study beforehand? If you can’t pass this part of the test honestly, then you need to find a brick and mortar school for your education. How to take a fraction and turn it into a whole number or decimal.

I wish you all the luck in your adventure. The website recommends that you set aside two hours to complete the exam.

Wgu Readiness Assessment Essay Questions

Mandy M S egu. The most aggravating aspect of this process is the lack of feedback in a reasonable amount of time. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. I plugged in each of the multiple choice answers until one of them worked. Didn’t take it seriously the first time or I was just in a rush to get everything done. I was stressing trying to figure out what to study for or what to expect and you answered all my questions. Its easy, you just need to remember the formulas.


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Thank you for the heads up on the test. The Admissions Inventory I took this one first because my husband was still trying to get the kids into bed and they were being noisy and I wanted to start with something where I didn’t really need to think. Feeling worthless without school? You should be able to rsadiness, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

I took my enterance assessment Wednesday evening, still no word. To gain admission to WGU you must apply, supply transcripts assessmrnt prior college work, take a Readiness Assessment aszessment have a phone interview with an Enrollment Counselor. The questions are easy enough to do in your head We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. You should familiarize yourself with the basic formulas of geometry and be able to find the radius of a circle from its circumference or the area of area of a rectangle.

Assesssment, I probably would have gone way over with my word count. I do wonder, though, how your WGU experience has turned out? Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

This is used to detect comment spam. Maybe you even want to remind yourself about the formulas for triangles as well.


The WGU Life – The Western Governors University Experience: The WGU Assessment Test

I noticed a couple of times where the question was asking for something different tpics I expected it to and had I not re-read the question, I might have gotten it incorrect. This Site Might Help You.

My next step is to take the two classes that I am missing and then get started with the WGU program.

wgu readiness assessment essay topics

A basic, What do you think Adult professionals are more used to working and learning esay. When writing an essay I always use an outline.

Solving for X and Y. I suggest answering these questions honestly. So, that means changing the denominator for addition and flipping over the fraction for division. Hey to the people who’ve recently taken this test. While at the local University I tested out of College Algebra, my only required math course, but there were still a lot of things that I needed to kind of “refresh” in my mind while taking the test.

wgu readiness assessment essay topics

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