You will receive an email approximately weeks after your application for graduation has been received by the graduation auditor. I have to do a project for my master’s degree instead of a thesis. What do I need to know? Full name First, middle, and last: Thesis Celebration first choice date and time:

The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. Read all about it on the Haworth College of Business website. Other summer enrollment is at the discretion of a student’s advisor. Start times will only occur on the hour e. It doesn’t look like my committee will approve my thesis or dissertation before the submission deadline.

Manuscripts are reviewed in the order in which they are received, with dissertations taking priority. Yhesis are encouraged to attend a formatting workshop to learn about the formatting requirements and other information pertaining to graduation.

According to Lee Honors College alumni, the final product, as well as the thesis process, has been one of the most significant contributors to success after graduation. Is there a standard format I should use for my thesis, project or dissertation? Please make sure your department has forwarded the original program and any revisions that may have been made. You could also win an award for your presentation! What do I need to know if my research involves human subjects? Please do not send notice of exam completion to the Graduate College.

For example, if a Ph. Where can I find information about activities offered through the Graduate College?


wmu thesis deadlines

For example, a traditional research paper, a public performance, a work of art, a design project, a business plan or educational curriculum may be completed for the honors thesis. If graduation requirements are not completed by the deadlines, you must change thesix graduation date by contacting the Office of Graduation Auditing at All of the above requirements must be met before the defense can be scheduled.

Click here for committee mwu and form. Start times will only occur on the hour e. If you have any questions at all about submitting this form, please contact Jennifer Townsend. The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. Submit defended deadliness to the Graduate College by the deadline for graduation submission deadlines.

wmu thesis deadlines

Once you’ve carefully read through the thesis handbook, bookmark this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during the thesis process! When do I thessis to submit my master’s thesis, specialist project or doctoral dissertation to the Graduate College?

Frequently Asked Questions for Dissertations, Projects and Theses

Thesid doesn’t look like my committee will approve my thesis or dissertation before the submission deadline. After you complete the student section, your advisor will fill out the next section and submit the form to the Graduate College for review.

Skip to main content. Doctoral committees must have at least one external member, who may be from another department at WMU or from outside the University.


Graduate Student Resources

Committee requirements and form Apply for graduation by the stated deadline. Skip to main content.

You may still request space in the honors college after this deadline, but your presentation will not be judged and you will not smu eligible to win for best thesis presentation.

First and last name of thesis chair: February 1 Your assigned graduation auditor will perform an initial audit to verify that all of your degree requirements have been met.

Date of thesis defense: All members must have either full or associate membership in the graduate faculty. Any incomplete grades must be removed. Projects for specialist degrees are submitted to the Graduate College.

Thesis Defense Certificate Request | Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

There is no commencement ceremony at the conclusion of the summer II semester. If writing a master’s thesis, file a Thesis Committee Appointment form with the Coordinator of Theses and Dissertations no later than one week after the committee is formed. Master’s-level projects that are completed in some departments in place of a thesis are not submitted to the Graduate College for approval. Doctoral students must fulfill all graduation requirements, including approval of the dissertation by the graduate dean, before graduation, while master’s and specialist students have up to 30 days after graduation to fulfill their requirements.

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