Many Year 3 children sang in the choir and had lots of songs to learn. We also learnt the names of 2D shapes including new one: Mr Blumberg wrote special music for the songs and we really enjoyed performing them to the whole school at our dress rehearsal on Wednesday and to the parents on our first adults only performance on Friday. The Celts who settled in England were split into many different tribes, each We looked at what we were wearing for our PE lessons both indoor and outside and discussed how suitable it was for Gymnastic lessons and outdoor Games. Our number work has been to add and subtract 1 10 and to 3 digit numbers. Can you remember the Welsh words for some of the parts of the body?

And leave those earrings at home! We found out that the IT suite was one of the hottest places in the school at 25 degrees Celsius! We had to learn how to read the temperature on a thermometer and we went all over the school outside and inside measuring how hot and cold it was. Useful links related to primaryhomeworkhelp co uk celts have been presented below. We have really enjoyed our project Gods and Gladiators and even created a dance based on the activities that took place in an amphitheatre. To get more ideas for your story watch the trailer for this film and play lots of games and puzzles at:

We also learnt the names of 2D shapes including new one: We still found time to wwwp.rimary making our Christmas Cards showing our new skills in stitching:. To start our new project we watched lots of sporting events to find what clothing was being worn by different sports people. We lit the Christingles we made and took them into a special assembly on Friday and explained to the whole school what each part represented.

We have also been learning about how to create our own advertisements and can’t wait until next week to start designing our own sportswear and advertising them! And leave those earrings at home!


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Dig deep into the lives of the Iron Age Celts through games, stories and activities. Primary homework help co uk celts – Qualified ehlp.co.uk/celts.htm working in the service will do your assignment within the deadline forget about your concerns, place your We also looked at what materials the clothes were made out of.

All maths homework can be found in the Homework section below.

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Cookie Notice We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. In this project the children will learn: We wore a variety of sportswear from football kit to swimwear and interviewed each other about what we were wearing and why it was suitable for that sport.

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We have some very talented artists in Year 3 as we are sure you will agree! We have also carried on with our science experiments on materials trying to find out which materials are the best insulators. Our last performance of the Rat’s Hat is on Monday afternoon and then we can look forward to help.co.uk/celts.tm Christmas Party on Thursday.

For more details see the website: Copies of the homework sheets can be found on the Homework section below. In Mathematics we practiced our number bonds to 10 and 20 and found out that we could use these facts to add and subtract numbers to Click here for more information. To find out more about the Celts why not visit the websites listed above? Some children had an important scene in the play making the main character Fred the baby rat jealous of the way www.primary played nicely together.

Some of us were angels and wws.primary the Year 5 angel rappers as they told the shepherds what was happening in Bethlehem.


www.primary homework help.co.uk/celts.htm

We rolled out salt dough and cut out star shapes and painted and glittered them to make candle filled table decorations. Then we had a Sportswear Day.

primaryhomeworkhelp co uk celts

Please can you ensure that you child spends a little time each day attempting these activities and returns the completed ones to school in the week after half term? On Thursday we had our Christmas Party and we all dressed up and had a great time in the disco and playing pass the parcel.

Many Year 3 children sang in the choir and had lots of help.cou.k/celts.htm to learn. We learnt how to sew with the help of some kind mums and nans who came into school to share their skills. In between all our rehearsals we learnt our 2 times table and how to use the facts to homewokr and divide and we found out how to find a fraction of a number.

We also learnt about temperature and why we need a thermometer to measure the temperature as we are not good at measuring temperatures ourselves as we www.primaryy out in our experiment with three bowls of water.

Monday 18th November- Friday 29th November. The Celts who ww.primary in England were split into many different tribes, each We have been learning to join up some of our letters in handwriting. Now we are all looking forward to a well earned Half Term break! Year 3 children can have lessons to learn to play a brass instrument, if they wish. We hope they liked them at home!

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